An explosion of mummy funk and new Motown grooves rocked the stage of The Fillmore Detroit recently in a night of unforgettable night of music.

Leading off the night were Detroit’s very own The Infatuations. Their fresh take on the classic Motown sound tinged with a dash of rock and blues is a unique sound that could only be bred in the Motor City. The recent release of their debut album, Detroit Block Party, has found this band in high demand around the Midwest region and beginning to creep out around the world.

The Infatuations sound is an infectious groove that gets you clapping and dancing all night long. Their live show is amazingly perfect and flawless. Singer Caleb Gutierrez is one of the most talented singers to emerge from Detroit in recent years. He has the voice that makes the girls want to scream from their seats as he croons in to the mic.

Gutierrez is backed by a veritable who’s who of Detroit musicians, including Christian Draheim (guitar), “Lone Wolf” (bass), Robert Myers (Drums), and Nick Brenhan (guitar). The Infatuations have proven Detroit music is still the heart of rock and roll, the epicenter of music in this country whether you believe that or not. They capture and encompass everything that has ever evolved out of Detroit musically and wrapped it up into a unique sound that is, truly, infatuating.

Headliners Here Come The Mummies never cease to amaze with their dazzling performance. What’s not to love about an eight piece band dressed in mummy garb? This is a band who should have their own Saturday morning cartoon show.

Stage theatrics aside, this band ha been rapidly gaining in popularity over the past few years. The energy and vibe they puts forth on stage is transcendental. But then again, Here Come The Mummies has been on tour for thousands of years now and just get better every time.

Do yourself a favor, check out these two bands online, go see a show, and get funky with them!

All concert photos by Sami Lipp Photography

Here Come The Mummies
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The Infatuations
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Listen to their entire album “Detroit Block Party” on Soundclound!

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