Chicago’s Ska Godfathers, Deals Gone Bad, original line-up reunited for a smoking show supported by The Runaround.

The night started with The Run Around playing a tight set in support of their current full-length album, The Reckless Ones. This five-piece Chicago band played a sometimes melodic, sometimes fast set of pop punk. Many of their songs were love songs to Chicago and the local music scene they love. The band did a great job getting the party started for the night ahead.

The crowd erupted with cheers and claps when Mike Park, the lead singer of OG Deals Gone Bad, said the words, “We used to be Deals Gone Bad!” This lineup brings together current members of Deals Gone Bad with former members once again to revisit the early DGB albums.

OGDGB masterfully produced their highly charged brand of Ska magic once again. They put their heart into the show and left no one disappointed in a crowd consisting of old rude boys and girls, and young moon stompers who may never have the privilege to see this group in their heyday. The band brought the party back as if it were still the nineties. The dancing did not stop during this 18-song set of classic ska and pub rock songs from their first three full-length albums.

The band and the crowd partied together, as was the case when they played “Elephants.” This song, which came midway through the set, saw Mike Park pantomiming and dancing elephant like on stage. The crowd did their part by skanking and singing along to the words. There were many songs through the night in which the band and the audience sang together forming a raucous duet. The band was clearly having as much fun as their fans.

The show offered fans a few special moments to remember. OGDGB invited two of their previous DGB bass players to join them onstage for several songs. During the song, “Dredd Rock,” keyboardist, Karl Gustafson, switched played guitar, while guitarist Dave Simon took over on vocals.

The band closed the festivities off with a Ska version of the Pogues classic, “Dirty Old Town.” The crowd swayed arm in arm to this one. OG Deals Gone Bad was able to prove even after 12 years, that Ska can not die.

The OGDGB lineup includes (vocals), Dave Simon (guitar), Mike “Spider” Hobson (bass), Marty Madera (bass), Brian Garibaldi (bass), Mike Corcoran (drums), Karl Gustafson (keyboards), Louis Wells (trumpet), Danny Johnson (saxophone), and Phil Ohst (saxophone). Simon, Hobson, Corcoran, and Gustafson are current members of Deals Gone Bad.

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