The band celebrating their 15th anniversary played Stage 48 with Delain and Xandria in support.

Finnish power metal band, Sonata Arctica, played in NYC as part of their Pariah’s Child tour. They are not only celebrating the release of their new album, but are commemorating the 15th anniversary of their début album, Ecliptica. The band has re-recorded the entire album with the same track-listing as the original release, plus one unreleased bonus track. The new edition is entitled Ecliptica – Revisited: 15th Anniversary Edition and will be available on Oct 24.

The crowd at Stage 48 were in good spirits on September 4th as they waited for Sonata Arctica to start their performance. There was a buzz of excitement and anticipation as the audience quickly filled the venue. When Sonata Arctica took the stage, they were greeted with enthusiasm. The band’s performance was energetic from start to finish, showcasing the musical talent of vocalist Tony Kakko, whose tenor vocals were effortless. The band’s setlist included a diverse mix of songs spanning their lengthy discography. They played fan favorites, “Black Sheep,” “Sing in Silence,” and “Kingdom for a Heart.” The songs that Sonata Arctica elected to perform from their latest album, “Pariah’s Child,” blended well with their selection of originals.

As an incredible show came to a close, the band ended their setlist with “Wolf and Raven.” The moment Tony Kakko uttered the first words of the song: “Grant me a wish, my master, take heed of me,” every member of the audience screamed in approval and joined Kakko in singing the final anthem in rhapsodic unison.

Sonata Arctica setlist:
The Wolves Die Young, Losing My Insanity, My Land, Black Sheep, Sing in Silence, X Marks the Spot, FullMoon, Cloud Factory, Love, Paid in Full, I Have a Right, Tallulah, Kingdom for a Heart, Wolf & Raven, Blood, San Sebastian, Don’t Say a Word (With Vodka Outro)

The second billed act was Dutch symphonic metal band, Delain. Last year they delivered an impressive performance as the supporting band for Kamelot in their first US tour. Fronted by the incredibly charismatic Charlotte Wessels, the band powered through their 45-minute set with immense passion and energy. The set list ran through fan favorites as well selections from their new album, The Human Contradiction. Recently, it was announced that Delain will be passing through the States again. This time though, the fans need not to wait very long. In spring 2015, Delain will be the supporting act for Nightwish’s highly anticipated tour with new vocalist Floor Jansen.

Delain setlist:
Go Away, Get the Devil Out of Me, Army of Dolls, Stardust, Electricity, Sleepwalkers Dream, The Gathering, Mother Machine, Not Enough, We Are the Others

The opening act was German band Xandria. The band has been going strong since 1994 despite several line up changes. This is their first tour with Dutch singer Dianne van Giersbergen (Ex-Libris). Her operatic vocals were very impressive. The band delivered a powerful five-song set that left the audience wanting more. Many of their fans are hoping that when they tour the States again they do as a headliner. The band is touring in promotion of their new effort, Sacrificium. They opened their set with the song “Nightfall” the second single from their album.

Xandria setlist:
Nightfall, Blood on My Hands, Forevermore, Stardust, Valentine

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Photos by Anya Svirskaya | Article by Zoe Kremke

Sonata Arctica
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