Rockers  Great White and Slaughter perform classic sets on a perfect evening at the Kentucky State Fair

Sponsored by local radio Station 95.7 WQMF, Disc Jockey Harley greeted an estimated 5,000 rockers who were in attendance on Opening night of the Kentucky State Fair to Roll back time with rockers Slaughter and Great White.

Slaughter then took the stage, Opening their show with “The Wild Life” featuring Mark’s screaming vocals, Jeff’s stinging guitar, and Dana’s bass riffs, the crowd was immediately transported back in time to the 80’s hair metal era. Over the next hour Slaughter rolled thru hit after hit including “Burning Bridges,” “Spend My Life,” “Mad About You,” and “Fly To The Angels” that everyone was really enjoying.  At one point in the set Mark jumped off the stage, ending up mobbed in the middle of the crowd while singing “Eye to Eye.” He and the group were clearly enjoying themselves, Smiling and High Fiving those close to the stage while throwing out picks and drumsticks from the stage.

Drummer Zoltan Chaney was uncontrolled on his drum set, jumping around, crashing cymbals on cymbals, and standing on his bass drum – at one point running completely around his Drums. Dana even brought a couple of kids up from the crowd to play drums with Zoltan while doing stick tricks  Slaughter ended their show with “Up all Night” that had everyone in attendance up on their feet and singing the chorus. Zoltan finished the set Jumping off from the top of the amp stack, hitting his cymbals for one, final time.

Slaughter is Mark Slaughter/Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Dana Strum/ Bass, Jeff Blando/ Lead Guitar, and Zoltan Chaney/Drums.

As the house lights went down it was time for show headliner Great White to take the evening to a higher place and that’s exactly what they did, immediately launching into their opening song “I’ve Got Something For You.” Before anyone could catch their breath Great White rolled right into “Desert Moon,” “Lady Red Light,” Classic rock anthem “Face the day,” “House of Broken Love,” and the melodic power ballad “Save Your Love,” much to the delight of everyone all in attendance.

Now more than halfway through their set it was hard to tell who was having more fun. Terry and the band seemed to really be into the evening as there was great energy coming from the stage and those in attendance were rocking hard and signing along with every verse. Luckily, the best was still to come as Great White treated everyone to more fan favorites like “Mista Bone,” “Big Goodbye,” their cover of The Angels’ classic “Can’t Shake It,” and a heartfelt performance of “Hard to Say Goodbye” from the album Elation.

Great White closed out the evening with tried and true classics “Rock Me” before finishing with “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.” Towards the end of Once Bitten Terry was taking pictures and Videos with the fans cell phones that were at the front of the stage. It was a great fan moment and a fitting night of classic rock from a classic band. All definitely had a good time.

Great White is Mark Kendall/Guitar, Michael Lardie/Keyboards & Guitar, Scott Snyder/Bass, Audie Desbrow/Drums, and Terry Ilous/Vocals.


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