Crowbar brings their Broken Glass 20th Anniversary tour to Eastern Kentucky with special guests, Ugly and Old Wolf.

Crowbar kicked off their eighteen-date tour in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Broken Glass album to a metal-starved crowd in Danville, Kentucky. The small venue was charged, amped up, and waiting to explode as the NOLA-based Crowbar took the stage.

Wasting no time, the band started the show off powerfully with the headbanger, “Conquering,” from the Broken Glass album. They followed quickly with “High Rate Extinction” and “The Lasting Dose” that set the room off.

With the crowd now in a frenzy, Crowbar performed “To Build a Mountain,” which Kirk dedicated to his wife before before tearing into a brutal rendition of “The Cemetery Angels” dedicated to Motorhead’s Lemmy.

The mosh pit turned chaotic during “Cemetery” as several fans crashed onto the stage, knocking down mic stands and speaker stacks; it was a great show moment!

Now more than half way thru their fourteen-song set, Crowbar continued delivering their punishment, rolling out a savage version of “Walk With Knowledge Wisely.” They followed with Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” along with “All I Had” and the crowd-pleasing “Planets Collide.”

The guys were clearly having a great time and enjoying the energy and involvement from the room. With just a couple of songs left for the evening, Kirk announced that they were going to perform “Broken Glass” live for the first time. The song, made for the mosh pit, brought a ferocious response from the crowd.

Crowbar ended their set with a crushing version of “Existence is Punishment.” The evening was a perfect kick-off for what promises to be a great Crowbar tour.

Crowbar is Kirk Windstein (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Tommy Buckley (drums), Matthew Brunson (lead guitar), and Jeff Golden (bass).

It’s always fantastic to see local groups supporting the mighty Crowbar this evening. Danville, Kentucky-based Kentucky Ugly were the second group to perform and proved to be a perfect complement to Crowbar. Their sound is a mix of heavy drums and deep bass with solid guitars and vocals; classic Southern Metal with a noticeable doom metal influence. Whatever their sound, the crowd loved it. Kentucky Ugly is Derek Wilson (guitar and vocals), Jamie Wilcher (bass), Shawn Smolinsky (drums).

Hailing from Somerset, Kentucky, Old Wolf opened the evening with a thirty-minute set of hard driving, traditional heavy metal including a solid cover of Iron Maiden’s “Flight of Icarus.” Old Wolf is Philip Keeney, Jason Norfleet, Ric Langford, Jacob Wilson, and Kevin Dishman.

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