Stop drooling. While he is ruggedly handsome, Luke Hession has a brain and is a damn fine musical talent.

“We cannot ignore and must address key social issues. But there is a time to dance, love, party, and celebrate the lighter side of life.” ~ Aaron Hession

Aaron Hession (vocals), Luke Hession (guitar), Marco Barrientos (bass), and Dylan Hayden (drums) are the almost famous band of brothers you’ll wish you had heard of sooner. Shikobi is your modern day rock warrior group with a sprinkling of a few other things mixed in for a fresh take on music from Down Under. Their new single, “Here We Go Again” from upcoming EP Pull The Trigger, is getting ready for video support and doing quite well.

The band flew north to Seattle to record at the infamous London Bridge Studio with famed producer Eric Lilavois of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, My Chemical Romance, 3 Doors Down, and Macklemore experience. We talk to Luke about this, moving to California with his brother to follow the music dream, and the new material. Keep an eye on these guys.

Let us know your thoughts on the interview or if you got a chance to see them in any of the hallowed venues on the L.A. Strip recently. We’d love to hear them on our Facebook or Twitter feeds.

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