Fall Metal Fest 6 brings Hate Eternal and a host of national and regional metal to voracious fans at the Diesel Concert Lounge.

The Fall Metal Fest 6 starts with a roar as Kilbury Unit takes the stage. Theses soldiers of metal from Warren, Michigan put the fans through their paces. These guys have a Devil Driver edge mixed with old school Megadeth vibe. A solid way to get the party started on the Life In Michigan stage.

The InkAddict stage kicks into gear with Toledo, Ohio’s Reverse The Belief. This is an unusual combination with only a bass player and drummer. The bass player is playing through two channels, which provides a mix of gritty and clean. You can hear elements of jazz blending with metal. Primus comes to mind as the band gets the crowded warmed up for more music to follow.

We head back over to the lounge stage to witness the sonic fury of Demise of the Enthroned. This band from the deadly streets of Flint, Michigan is here to rain blistering death metal. The band is tight with a pummeling rhythm section and searing guitars that remind you of Immolation or Malevolent Creation. An excellent set of powerful music.

All the guys in Decapitus from Napoleon, Ohio have fully embraced the costume theme as they tear into their set dressed as the undead. With hair spinning and an abundance of stage presence, they play death metal in all of its dismembering glory. Fast as a bandsaw cutting through bone, their music drew cheers from the growing crowd. Fans of Suffocation and Black Dahlia Murder will enjoy this band.

Reptilian Brain warns the crowd that they like to grind. They are not kidding. Relentless music played a breakneck speeds with barely a moment to breathe. If you dig bands like Terrorizer, Scab, and Nasum, then you will enjoy this Roseville, Michigan band. The guitarist in a lizard costume is the cherry on top.

Detroit’s Archimime drew in the crowd on the first few notes. Their music blends metal with an undercurrent of skate punk. The punk is subtle, but you feel the bristling anti-social theme. There is a lot of frantic energy, and a few folks try to get a pit going. Think of Unearth without the cliché breakdowns and slap that with a bit of Sick of It All and you get an idea of this band’s sound.

Spreading black wings of death Disillusionment from Lansing, Michigan unfurl their brand of death upon the stage. Moody intros surge into sickening dark chaos as the band weaves through a miasma of riffs. Even without a bass player, they achieve a low and menacing sound that fans of Marduk or Gorgoroth find pleasing. Disillusionment gives a very impressive black metal display on this day of the dead.

As red light and fog fill the stage, Rivers of Nihil from Reading, Pennsylvania explodes with brilliant technical death metal. They play with majestic intensity and precision. While much of the set included songs from the new Monarchy album, the band did include the fantastic “Mechanical Trees” off the previous The Conscious Seed of Light release. This is an outstanding performance from this talented band.

As we make our way back over to the Life In Michigan stage, Society Hostile is getting geared up to bring us the metal. There is an obvious Pantera groove underlying the paint-peeling vocals from this Warren, Michigan band. Much of the heavy foot stomping power of this band’s sound comes from the fierce rhythm section and is accented by great riffs and fine guitar solos. This is a great change of pace to spice up the festival.

Beyond Creation take the InkAddict stage and draw the crowd in close with a mesmerizing performance. These gifted musicians from Montreal, Quebec fabricate music that is beautiful and terrifying. The crowd is awestruck by the diversity of the progressive death metal that is being displayed. There are many cheers as the band finishes their outstanding set of metal.

As we made our way down to the final four bands, Howie Herula the festival promoter and host of Hard Edge Radio thanks everyone for attending and introduces Hate Unbound from Detroit. The band hits hard and fast with metal that quickly gets people moving in front of the stage. Hate Unbound plays technical metal that grips the audience with force. The band storms about the stage engaging the crowd with a powerful performance. Hate Unbound shows why they have quickly become one of the best metal bands in Michigan.

Misery Index from Baltimore, Maryland appears on a stage layered in fog and blazing lights and proceeds to hammer the crowd with the brutal force of their music. It seems that some of the audience is in shock from the pulverizing force of this sonic onslaught. The pace of their performance sends a hardy band of fans hurtling through the pit. This is the music that many at the festival have waited to hear. It does not get any better than the mind melting ferocity of Misery Index.

The men of Detroit’s Gutrot revel in old-school death. With guttural vocals choking on a rotting carcass, the band rides a vehement wave of death metal. Hair is flying as fans bang their heads to the music and enjoy this glorious festival of metal music. Brave souls make their passage through the pit and scream with the band. This is just the kind of release that everyone is looking for in a quality metal festival.

An evening of extreme metal comes to a climax with Hate Eternal taking the stage. Just as you thought the magnitude of metal performance could get no better, Hate Eternal set out to prove you wrong. They play songs off the new Infernus album with ardent vigor. Blast beats swarm as disharmonic riffs collapse upon the audience in a supreme cyclone of death metal. Hate Eternal define great death metal, and the fans soak up each delicious razor filled mouthful.

Many thanks to sponsors and the Diesel Concert Lounge for bringing to Michigan another great Fall Metal Fest. A fantastic mix of local and national talent took this year’s festival to a new level. We can’t wait to see what next year brings.

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