A myriad of Death Metal emerges upon the Windy City for a Halloween celebration complete with blood, body parts, and Satan.

On All Hallows’ Eve 2015, a five-band bill comprised the lineup for a celebration of all things macabre in the great city of Chicago.

Opening up the ensemble came local female-fronted thrash outfit, Vicious Attack. Their performance was marked by costumes and raging riffs.

Next came Never We See. This show was their first home performance since opening for the Summer Slaughter 2015 tour in Joliet a few months prior.

Tattered and spattered in blood, They Die Screaming played on a stage covered with body parts. It is important to note that this stage presence is not reserved merely for Halloween.

Then, traveling all the way from Austria, arrived the mighty Belphegor with their corpse paint and Satanic, BDSM – inspired rhetoric. The band came as a perfect inclusion for the occasion with their dim lights, billowing smoke, and enthusiastic fanfare.

Finally, closing out the evening in near darkness, came Canada’s own Kataklysm. On a night featuring tastes of thrash, black, and death metal, their well-polished sound served as a lovely dessert for the evening’s festivities.

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