Supergroup Dreamcar fires up Detroit on their debut tour with support from Superet.

Superet from Los Angeles, CA get the evening started with their alternative rock / electronic music.  The songs are fast-paced, led by catchy guitar riffs from Matt Blitzer and Isaac Tamburino, and keyboard / synthesizers from Alex Fischel.  Sam KS (drums) and Pat Kelly (bass) round out the band.

The small stage limits the movement of the band, but lead vocalist Matt Blitzer does his best to get the crowd moving.  The crowd certainly enjoys their set judging from the loud cheers and applause after every song.  The band appreciates the crowd reaction and thanks them after several of the songs.  Their set includes the current single “Pay It Later”.

The crowd is growing anxious for headliner Dreamcar to hit the stage.  This supergroup is comprised of Davey Havok from AFI on vocals and several members of No Doubt – Tony Kanal (bass), Adrian Young (drums), and Tom Dumont (guitar).  Judging from several of the AFI and No Doubt shirts people are wearing, it is safe to say that most here tonight are already fans of them.  Dreamcar itself is relatively new to the music scene, having just released their debut album on May 12, 2017.  However, the single “Kill For Candy” was released in early March and has been getting lots of airplay and generating a buzz.

Dreamcar takes the stage to huge applause and cheers and dives right into “After I Confessed”, the first track off their debut album.  It is one of their fastest paced songs and gets the fans moving early and amped up for the rest of the show.  Overall, their sound could be best described as alternative rock and new wave.  However, it has its own vibe that distances it from the bands they came from.

The stage is wide open to allow room for the band to move about.  The lighting is some of the best this reviewer has ever encountered at a show at this venue.  And the sound is tight and not overpowering where it drowns out some band members or vocals.  Kudos to the sound and light engineers.

Davey is fun to watch.  He has on a grey suit, blue dress shirt and maroon tie.  It is not too long into the show before he ditches the sport coat and eventually the tie, taking the time to do a few moves with it first.  His facial expressions are quite dramatic to match the mood of the songs.  He is constantly on the move, working all parts of the stage from front to back and side to side.  He ditches the mic stand on many occasions to free him up to move about.  At one point in the show, he jumps into the photo pit to get up close to the fans in the front rows.  It certainly makes many of those fans evening that much better.  They love it.

Bassist Tony Kanal is also very active moving about the whole stage.  He frequently makes use of the drum platform to do some jumps.  He is even quite animated when not stalking the stage, striking poses while laying down a wicked groove.

Adding to their sound, they have two awesome female backup singers (Ijeoma Njaka and Dessy Di Lauro) and a great keyboard / saxophonist in Gabrial McNair.  He also provides some backing vocals.

The whole set sounds great and gets huge cheers and applause from the audience along with some dancing.  A few songs stand out above the others.  “Born to Lie” could easily be another hit single with its catchy rhythm and chorus.  It has the fans singing along to the chorus of “How I’d love, I’d love to love you”.  “Show Me Mercy” shows off the vocal talents of Davey and also has a dreamy vibe to it with layers of backing vocals.  And “All of the Dead Girls” is an infectious and upbeat song that would be right at home on the pop charts.

During their hour-long set, they play all twelve songs from their debut album.  Plus, they throw in a few covers to mix things up.  Dreamcar does an incredible job on “Moonage Daydream”, especially Davey whose vocals on this song are eerily similar to David Bowie.  They also cover “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, a classic track from Alice Cooper.  Possibly a tip of the hat to Detroit given that Alice Cooper is originally from here.

They end their set with the single “Kill For Candy” that has the fans going crazy with cheers, bouncing, and dancing.  It is a great show all around for this new band with awesome lighting, tight sound, and a performance that the audience truly loves.

Dreamcar is wrapping up their short tour, but from the fan reactions and the buzz around their debut album, it won’t be their last.  They are already slated to play Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, NV in September and Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, TX in October.  Be sure to catch them when they come around again.

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