The beautiful chaos that is At The Drive In brings the music of life to a swarm of grateful fans in Detroit.

The Fillmore is filling with eager fans who have been waiting for At The Drive In to return to Detroit. The band had planned to stop by in 2016 but had to cancel due to the illness of Cedric Bixler. The prolonged absence of this groundbreaking group makes this appearance that much sweeter.

Harnessing unbridled ferocity and channelling it through music is what Le Butcherettes do with ease. Teri Gender Bender is both menacing and vivacious. Her focused vocal range is perfectly tuned to the garage rock fury created on the keyboards and guitar. Cranking the power swell within the music is the drumming of Ale Robles Luna. She is barely visible as her head thrashes with every beat. She delivers one crushing blow after another. Meanwhile, bass/keyboard player Riko Rodríguez-López is serene within this storm of music.

With blood running hot, the stage floods with blue light as At The Drive In takes the stage. “Arcarsenal” detonates the crowd into action. Bodies bounce and crowd surfers ride the surge while hands stretch toward the stage. The entire band feeds upon the energy of the music and the fervid audience. Cedric Bixler whirls about the stage as Omar Rodriguez (guitar), Paul Hinjos (bass), Tony Hajjar (drums), and Keeley Davis (guitar) grimace with emotional release. Barely into their second song, Cedric flies into the crowd to be held aloft by the fans.

At The Drive In keep the set focused on their brilliant masterpiece Relationship of Command. “Pattern Against User” and “Cosmonaut” are particularly enthralling to the crowd. The band journeys into In/Casino/Out with “Napoleon Solo” and ‘Vaya’ with “Metronome Arthritis”. They briefly touch on the upcoming In*ter*a*li*a’album with “Incurably Innocent”. The new album will drop on May 5th, 2017.

Cedric apologies for the band missing their 2016 gig. He explains in detail the nasty plague which had infected him. The audience is clearly thankful to have the band here now. All the tensions of life are forgotten in this brutal musical bliss.

For the encore, the band plays “Governed by Contagions” from the upcoming album. In a final parting thank you gift At The Drive In play “One Armed Scissor”. This last song ignites the fervent love the audience has for this band in a final flame of cheers.

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Event Date: 27-MAR-2017

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