Seether brings their Poison the Parish tour to Detroit with support from Letters From The Fire and Kaleido.

Kaleido kicks off the evening with a high-energy set for the hometown crowd.  They are touring in support of their recent release Experience and are getting rave reviews and generating plenty of buzz.  Led by pink-haired singer Christina Chriss, Kaleido tear through a fast-paced set that includes the current single “Die Tryin’”.  During the reggae-themed song “Trouble in Paradise”, Christina gets the audience to sing along.  They also play “No More Little Miss Nice Bitch” from their current release, as well as “Unbreakable” and “My Rock & Roll” from their Unbreakable EP.

Normally the whole band would be all over the stage, but with limited room tonight they hold back a bit.  It does not stop Christina from doing numerous jumps and kicks.  She is a great front woman who owns the stage and gets the fans moving.  Guitarists Zach Bolling and Ronnie Rosolino complement each other well with catchy riffs, while drummer Joey Fava and bassist Cody Morales provide the driving, low-end groove.  They are a fun band to watch; their enthusiasm is infectious.  It is a short set, but the hometown fans still love it.   Be sure to catch them while they are on tour with Seether through June 10 or on any headlining shows.

Next up is Letters From The Fire from the San Francisco Bay area.  They are a hard rock band that has been around since 2012, but are really starting to gain a solid following through touring and radio play.  They don’t waste any time getting the venue rocking as they launch into “Perfect Life”, the opening track from their 2016 release Worth the Pain.  It is a powerful song that opens with a driving blend of guitars riffs from Mike Keller and Cameron Stucky, as well as a pummeling drum beat from Brian Sumwalt.

They rip through an 8-song set that is full of heavy rock and metal songs with powerful rhythms, catchy riffs and searing leads.  However, it is the voice of the band, Alexa Kabazie, who powers the songs with her soaring but lucid vocals.  Alexa is another front woman that commands the stage not only with her voice but with her energy.  On the slower song “At War”, the audience is drawn into the emotion of Alexa’s singing.  Other standout songs include “Live a Lie” and “Last December”, and the single “Worth the Pain”.

Letters From The Fire closes out their set with “Give In To Me”, a song that is familiar to most of the audience.  They react by singing out loud, cheering, bouncing, and fist-pumping.  The whole band is fun to watch as bassist Clayton Wages strikes tons of poses, Brian grimaces and smiles while pounding the skins, as well as the guitarists whipping their hair around.  However, it is the music that captures the fans tonight.  Letters From The Fire has a bright future.

Anticipation for Seether to hit the stage builds in the audience between bands.  Fans reminisce about prior shows including some who just saw them at Rock on the Range festival.  The venue is now full and the fans cannot hold back their enthusiasm as the lights dim.  They erupt in cheers and throw up their horns as Seether launches into a fan favorite “Gasoline”.

The stage is small, but the lighting is state of art with towers made up of rows of lights that can scroll horizontally or vertically in various patterns and at different speeds.  There are spot lights mounted high and low that shoot out narrow beams of light of various colors including white, yellow, and green.  There is not much light on the band members.  Fog pumps in occasionally throughout the show.  Drummer John Humphrey is located on a high platform between the light towers.  Overall, the lights and fog create a cool visual for the fans.  Quite often the band members are nothing but silhouettes against the backlights.

After “Truth” and “Nobody Praying for Me”, they jump into “Rise Above This” and the audience erupts with cheers, bouncing, fist pumps, and plenty of singing.  During “Fine Again” a few audience members start crowd-surfing.  An activity that many will partake in during the rest of the show.  The audience sings along to all of the popular ballad “Broken”.

The ambience of the lighting gets even cooler as strobes and varied speed scrolling come into play during “Words As Weapons”.  Singer / guitarist Shaun Morgan starts playing the slow intro to “No Jesus Christ” while buried in a sea of red lights.  A pattern of white crosses appears on the light towers.  As the song hits its stride with pummeling drums and thunderous bass, the fans go into a full frenzy.  They bounce, wave their horns, cheer, and crowd-surf.   It is a highlight of the evening.  They close out the main portion of their set with another fan favorite, “Fake It” from the 2007 release Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces.

In addition to the cool lighting, the sound is dialed in with a solid, heavy bottom end from bassist Dale Stewart and drummer John Humphrey along with clear cymbals and vocals.  Shaun Morgan sounds better than ever.  To mix things up they play a cover of Thrice’s “Black Honey” and the crowd reacts with loud cheers.  The band and Shaun give it a harder edge and it sounds awesome.  Guitarist Clint Lowery from Sevendust adds that extra element of guitar on all the songs that has been missing on tours of recent years.

Seether is currently touring behind their current release Poison the Parish that was just released this May.  The album is getting great reviews and plenty of airplay, and the first single, “Lay You Down”, that was released back in February serves as the first encore tonight.  Shaun and Clint amp up the energy in the room when they start headbanging and jamming in the middle of the song.  They close out their set with “Remedy” that has the audience bouncing like crazy, waving their horns, and singing along.  It’s a fitting end to a great evening of hard rock.  Seether is back with a vengeance.

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