Louisville metallers showed up in droves on Sunday night at Expo Five’s main stage to see power metal favorites Kamelot and Dragonforce perform their magic.

Opening the evening was London-based power metal band DragonForce who are touring in support of their most recent release In the Line of Fire.  DragonForce opened their show with the incredibly fast and furious “Fury of the Night” setting a great tone for the evening.  Barely taking a minute to catch their breath they rolled into “Three Hammers”, the first video from in the Line of Fire along with what was proclaimed the fastest song DragonForce has ever written “The Game”.  There were a couple of memorable moments during their show to note: There was a small technical glitch with the keyboards, where batteries were spilled all over the stage and lights were flashing everywhere; not to be deterred the rest of the guys broke out into a nifty little jazz riff which brought laughter and smiles from everyone.

Lead singer Marc Hudson announced that he had lost a friend during the tragedy in Paris and asked everyone to turn their camera lights on creating a sea of lights while they sang and dedicated “Symphony of the Night” to his friend and those in Paris.  Marc said that they will be doing Lights on for Paris for the remainder of their tour – It was an awesome show moment!   DragonForce finished their almost 60-minute set with “Cry Thunder,” “Valley of the Damned” a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” in DragonForce fashion that really needs to be heard before ending with fan favorite “Through the Fire and Flames”.

It was a classic DragonForce performance with the raging guitar riffs and unparalleled speed and complexity that left their fans happy and satisfied. DragonForce is Marc Hudson/ vocals, Herman Li/guitar, Sam Totman/guitar, Frédéric Leclercq/bass, Vadim Pruzhanov/keyboards & Synth and Gee Anzalone/drums

With the stage now awash with deep blue hues, it was time for Kamelot to take the Expo Five stage.  Returning to Louisville for the first time in 2 years and touring in support of their new album Haven, Kamelot opened their set with “Veil of Elysium” from the new album along with “When the Lights Go Down” and “The Great Pandemonium”.  Lead singer Tommy Karevik urged everyone to get their “horns in the air” as Kamelot started with “Karma” followed by “Torn” which had many fans singing along.

Tommy took a moment to slow the show down a bit,  sharing with everyone that right around the time the Haven tour started he had lost his Grandfather – He asked everyone to shine their phone lights forward as he dedicated “Here’s to the Fall” to him; it was a special moment for everyone.

Now midway through their set it was pretty clear that Kamelot was having a good time and enjoying the energy from the full room. During “March of Mephisto” Tommy took a fan’s camera from the front of the stage and videoed the band and the crowd before handing the phone back to the lucky fan.  After “Insomnia” it was time for Casey’s drum solo which was crazy – with his hair whipping, cymbals crashing and his double bass pounding; it was a memorable solo. A number of songs had the wonderful Kobra Paige as the background singer, her awesome voice that worked in with the group exceptionally well and was a welcome treat. Kamelot finished their main set with “My Confession” along with “Liar, Liar,” and  “Forever”

With the crowd chanting “one more song” Kamelot returned for two encore songs “Revolution” from the Haven album and ending with “Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)”.  Kamelot’s show was fantastic, with the deep guitar riffs, and hard bass lines and dynamic keyboards combined with complex melodies and Tommy’s vocals – it was a great evening and left many in attendance very happy – let’s hope we don’t have to wait another 2 years for them to come back. Kamelot  is Thomas Youngblood – guitars. Casey Grillo – drums. Oliver Palotai – keyboards. Sean Tibbetts – bass. Tommy Karevik – vocals along with Kobra Paige – backing vocals


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