As the thunder started to roar outside, Friday night at the B One Ballroom was making it own noise from bands like Kougaran, Nasty Jack, Majik Wiski, and Kevin B Klein.

Majik Wiski covered some of the typical rock songs such as, the Goo Goo Dolls, Black Keys, and Van Halen. The more the band played, the more the crowd started rocking. After a while the band seemed to found an addition to their group when one of the audience members started to air guitar to all of their songs.

Nasty Jack was anything but nasty as they were playing their originals to the crowd. Including a slow ballet called, “Up to you and me.” Which, the band started playing, the crowd was on the floor doing some slow dancing. When they were done, they closed their set with the Star Spangled Banner.

Kourgaran was the headline for the show. When the band took the stage, the floor in front of the stage filled up fast with fans. The band was playing a mixture of songs some from their collection of originals like, “Wake up Today” and 212 miles. As well as covering songs that are bar staple like Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” and The Animal’s “House of the Rising Sun.”

Kevin B Kline was the closing act to tonight’s event. Even though he started a bit slow because it seemed to take him a bit longer to set up. Kevin Kline rocked the crowd, by playing one of the songs that will be played at the National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland called, “Born Free and Good.”

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