metallicathrunever-334x270I had a wonderful opportunity today to cover L.A. based NEVERWONDER perform smack dab in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd during the Rock and Roll Marathon. With the exploding fountains of Bellagio and the emerging lights of the Vegas Strip as a backdrop, NEVERWONDER seemed right at home.




This stirring four piece is comprised of Singer Alima Soul, drummer Andres Ramos, Bassist Vincent Ramos, and guitarist Scott Ramsey. I could see right away why theyʼve performed at so many marathons (20 so far!) as their blend of pop and rock has a widespread mass appeal. Their look is mainstream, not too edgy, and Alimasʼ gorgeous flowing locks even had marathon runners stopping in their tracks. As for the music the songs have a really good soul/rock crossover that is easy on the ears.

The band covered a wide range of artists including Lenny Kravitz, Kings of Leon, and Bruno Mars. All good choices considering the crowd they were playing to. A few originals were thrown in there as well, but it was difficult to gauge a crowd reaction at an event like the marathon. They exude a very positive vibe, a solid rhythm section and substantial, raspy vocals that remind me a little bit of Janis Joplin.
Loved having a chance to talk to these guys (and girl). In the words of bassist and band leader Vincent Ramos: “NEVERWONDER whatʼs in your past, just keep it moving forward.” If you get a chance definitely check them out!

National Rock Review conducted an interview with NEVERWONDER on 10/22/2013 which you can find here.

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