The Australian music artist has released her debut official music video.

Levitika, the Australia-based alternative rock artist, releases the video for, “Zombie Barbie,” released in May 2015 was a project the began as a result of her amateur YouTube video “Spider,” also released in November 2014. The video caught the eye of Jeff Blue, an American multi-platinum producer. He loved her voice and as a result, she and Blue co-wrote and produced four songs together in Los Angeles.

“Zombie Barbie” is available for purchase now on iTunes. Jeff Blue produced the track, and the video was under the direction of Nima Nabili Rad. The song will begin radio play in America next month, and Levitika plans a tour of the states this spring.

Upon Levitika’s return to Australia, she began to pursue band members for her upcoming tour. They include Max Hurrell (rhythm guitar), Greg Oroth (lead guitar), Jona Matthews (bass), and Cameron Kirk (drums). Soon after the formation, Levitika’s first music video was created. “Zombie Barbie” received over half a million views within the first five weeks of its release. The video uses vivid visuals and a unique sound.

Levitika states that the core message of the song is to be who you are, be real and don’t let society override your identity. It is saying that people should be free to be who they are and express themselves in the way that they want to express themselves, and that is important.

The single for “Zombie Barbie” is available on both iTunes and Amazon.

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