Creativity comes in fantastic forms. Some people are blessed in many areas and others, well, at least they’re nice people. Our next guest, Reyka Osburn of Death Valley High, is amazing.

Minus Head Records has this wholesome, little band that you need to get to know. Sorry, even we were laughing before we got to the end of that bullshit. However, what isn’t a joke is Reyka Osburn, Adam Bannister, Huffy Hafera, and Daniel Ka$$hu, who have put together Death Valley High. And, as luck would have it, there is an insanely well-done album coming from the guys on Nov 04, 2016 entitled Cult As Fuck (CVLT [AS FVK] for the old, no fun geezers at Walmart). We, at the National Rock Review Northern Command, have been privileged to listen to the album in advance.

If you like a darker sound, in an industrial way, give them a minute or two on this new album. As a matter of fact, we lured Reyka out of the darkness with a few vintage and hard to find horror movies, bats may or may not have been used in his enticement. We talked about the album and the fantastic art of its cover, the teaming up with producer Ulrich Wild of White Zombie and Deftones experience, and the single off of the new record, “Warm Bodies.” We even managed to talk up a few bands you might have heard of that have shared the stage with Reyka and the fellas.

So come with us our wonderfully sick children and let know your thoughts on the interview above. We want to see if you have the same black light glowing review we do. Head over to the ample spaces at our Facebook or Twitter feeds and have at it.

Death Valley High
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After getting the photo bug in the far, past days of black and white film, Erich continued to develop his eye for photography which lead to stops in the sporting, art, wedding, and eventually concert music worlds. Now, doing more writing for National Rock Review, he has entered into the journey of getting to know the artists and the industry, not just the faces on the other side of the lens.

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