GeminiSyndrom-BandPublicityPhotoGemini Syndrome, hailing from Los Angeles, California, is a band that has been on the music scene since 2010. Their début album, LUX, hit the streets this past September of 2013.  Gemini Syndrome has really hit their stride in the last few months, often performing to full capacity crowds and earning fans the right way… one at a time!

I had the choice opportunity to sit down with front man Aaron Nordstrom before their sold out set in support of another favorite, RED. Aftershock Music Venue in Kansas City, Kansas was absolutely packed with fans full of excitement to witness Gemini Syndrome tear up the stage and tear it up they did. Looks like the Synner conversion is in full force in Kansas City!


After being able to speak with singer Aaron Nordstrom before the show, I was pretty surprised by the contrast of the ‘on-stage Aaron’ vs the ‘off-stage Aaron’. Off-stage Aaron is kind of quiet, a bit soft-spoken, and seemingly full of wisdom. On stage, the quiet, soft-spoken Aaron becomes a vocally powerful, attention-demanding frontman standing where he’s most comfortable: in the spotlight.

Gemini Syndrome played an approximately 50-minute, high energy set and the crowd was into it!  I saw a  lot of people in the crowd singing along to each and every song they performed. My only disappointment was that the stage riser was about a foot above the crowd. Unfortunately, from my vantage point I couldn’t see the drummer at all. In fact, I couldn’t see any of the band members, unless they were to stand on the riser boxes were on stage (kind of a bummer).  Additionally, the sound system was distorted at times and the speakers were popping fairly often.  This was in no way the fault of Gemini Syndrome, but it did detract from the performance.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet all the members of the band. They seemed like a leveled out group of guys whom I wouldn’t mind hanging out with . They certainly have the drive and talent to build a solid, organic fan base.   Big things are clearly in the near future for Gemini Syndrome!

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