Friday March 14, 2014 brought New York based, all-female, Motley Crue tribute band, Girls, Girls, Girls to the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan. The Magic Bag was packed with a who’s who of Detroit rock and roll musicians who came to jam out with the girls. This hard rocking, ‘Dr. Feelgood’ shredding, ‘Shout At The Devil’ wailing quartet, is a tribute band at its finest.

Formed in 2007, the band has developed a loyal following on the East Coast and Mid-West. Yet, even with a dedicated fan-base, the band called it quits in 2009, until storming back onto the scene in 2012. Thankfully they did. The people need their Motley Crue, in any capacity that we can get it. Vixen Neil, Mercedes Mars, Tawny Lee, and newest member, Lucky Sixx, are the women to do the ‘Worlds Most Notorious Rock Band’ the justice they deserve.

Longtime Detroit rocker chicks Broadzilla opened the show this night. A legend in the local music scene with several US tours under their belt, they came together to perform after a brief hiatus. They always draw a crowd whenever they play and this night was no different. The venue was milling with a large crowd of friends and family who faithfully turn up every time they play. There’s a reason these ladies have won many Detroit Music Awards; they consistently deliver a hard-edged straight-up rock and roll show that needs no theatrics to blow your mind.

If either of these bands play near you, definitely check them out! For now get your fix through the images captured at the show.

Interview with Tawny Lee by Howie D. of Hard Edge Radio

Hip In Detroit interview with Rachel May of Broadzilla

Girls, Girls, Girls set list:
Looks That Kill
Knock Em Dead, Kid
Wild Side
Dr. Feelgood
Too Young to Fall in Love
Starry Eyes
Primal Scream
Dancing on Glass
Same Ol’ Situation (SOS)
Helter Skelter
Red Hot
Shout At The Devil
Come On And Dance
Piece Of Your Action
Ten Seconds To Love
Kickstart My Heart
Girls, Girls, Girls
Home Sweet Home
Live Wire

Images by Chris Betea

Girls, Girls, Girls