As part of the 2018 Rock The Lot concert series, California kid Jon Pardi returns to The Intersection for another SOLD OUT show. 

Each year during the summer months, The Intersection, the world famous concert lounge in downtown Grand Rapids holds a hand full of dates to clear the side parking lot for their “Rock The Lot” concert series.  These open air events seem to be quite popular among music lovers as the shows sell out rather quickly.  This evening’s show with Jon Pardi is no exception as tickets vanished shortly after hitting the box office.  

After waiting patiently throughout the day, Jon’s “Pardianimals” fill the downward sloped parking lot overlooking the stage anxiously waiting for his arrival. 

Jon and The All-Nighters band take to the stage with the crowd rousing “Paycheck” while Jon shows off his slick guitar moves with “Out Of Style.” 

Overwhelmed from all the crowd’s excitement, Jon claims that he always looks forward to returning to The Intersection.  For his first “Rock The Lot” experience and feeling tonight’s energy, he is loving the outdoor parking lot atmosphere.

Continuing on, Jon performs songs from his first two studio albums Write You A Song (2014) and California Sunrise (2016).  Such hits include “Up All Night,” “Missing You Crazy,” “What I Can’t Put Down,” “She Ain’t In It” along with his current single “Night Shift.”

Rolling through the evening, Jon pleases his fans with an encore performance starting with the title track “California Sunrise” to his current album before finishing with his crowd favorite top singles “Head Over Boots,” “Heartache On The Dancefloor” and “Dirt On My Boots.”

With more of a true country sound that seems to be lost today within all the rock and pop mixes,  Jon continues to stand tall and build his fan base as he has done this evening with those not well acquainted to him.   

Warming up the crowd this evening is Texas native Julia Cole.  Joined on stage with only her drummer, Julia introduces Grand Rapids to her version of Electronic Country Music (ECM), an electronic mix of country dance tunes.    

Including originals “I Don’t Trust You,” “Miss Love,” “We’ve Got It Made,” “Strangers” and “Drinkin’ With You,” Julia adds her new single “Priority” to her short setlist.   

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Event Date: 23-AUG-2018

Jon Pardi setlist: 

  1. Paycheck     2. Out Of Style     3. Up All Night     4. What I Can’t Put Down     5. Night Shift     6. Missin’ You Crazy     7. Empty Beer Cans     8. Cowboy Hat     9. She Ain’t In It     10. Trash A Hotel Room     11. When I’ve Been Drinkin’     12. Lucky Tonight     13. All Time High     ENCORE: 14. California Sunrise     15. Head Over Boots     16. Heartache On The Dance Floor     17. Dirt On My Boots