Sludge, doom, death, and loud metal genres are all represented at the Frankie’s show this night and rarely does a band setting up make you go whoa!

In a show of Michigan metal, Wizard Union of Ann Arbor, Blind Haven of Adrian, and token Toledo, Ohio outfit Mutilatred, opened for arguably the loudest two-man band in the land, Beast in the Field, of Midland, Michigan. Frankie’s Inner City hosts more kinds of metal than you can shake devil horns at, and their rafters shake during this fun night of music.

First up on the night was Wizard Union. While all are disappointed at the lack of elves and unicorns, the music made up for it. The magical mystics from Ann Arbor go by their cover names of Samir (guitars/vocals), Aaron (bass), and Larry (drums). The stoner/sludge/doom Metal-ers formed their heretic alliance in 2012 and have had no (known) alien abductions yet. Give them a listen with the link below.

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Next up was the hometown four-piece, Mutilatred. Nick Hale (bass), Clay Lowe (drums), Patrick McDonagh (vocals/guitar), and Patrick Meyers (guitar) make up this death metal outfit. McDonagh’s boyish good looks betray the trapped demon that is let loose from his vocal chords when he holds a microphone. Add that to the devil trying to escape from Meyers on stage as the jumping, convulsions, and constant motion demonstrates his energy for the music. Hale is a skilled blues bassist and naturally feels the music in his little area of the stage and doesn’t wander too far out of concern for the rampaging of his guitarist. With Lowe on drums, he truly is the anchor of these four driven musicians. Grab a taste for them below.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2945780987 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708]

If the stoner/doom/sludge theme seems somewhat familiar, you’re not far from the scent. Next up is Dustin Bourns (vocals), Heath LaTour (guitar), Drew Rogers (bass), Andrew Owen (drums), the four-piece known as Blind Haven. “We’re not KISS!” is the only reason given for an all green light set. Even the Incredible Hulk will have problems handling the low, grumbling grooves and drum hits. Watch these guys gain some high praise once the world around them starts to notice their sound. Speaking of which, click the link below for a taste of it.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3635858405 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708]

Heavy doesn’t do justice to the next band and headliner of the bill, Beast In The Field. Jamie Jahr (Drums) and Jordan Pries (Guitar) make up this rare duo in rock. Coming off a recent appearance at Dirt Fest 2015, the guys have fans interested even before they strike the first notes. Seeing Jordan continue to put speaker cabinet after speaker cabinet on stage was mesmerizing, much like seeing a King Cobra spread its hood before striking.

The equipment has a vintage feel to it, but the audio ass kicking the guys proceeded to give the Frankie’s crowd is nothing short of amazing. Make no mistake, when Jordan stated he only needed the mic once, that’s exactly how it played out. Jamie, almost proudly, claimed before the start of the show he knew when the show would become too much for most of the crowd to be able to handle. And much like the old geezer knowing when the moonshine would do its damage on college kids, he was right on the mark.

If you are into any of the genres listed above, we highly recommend seeing this local and regional talent. And if you like sonic ear bursting with flair, give Beast In The Field a try until you don’t remember your name. You can read the interview Jamie gave National Rock Review recently here.

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