Chicago and the UK came together for an impressive night of rock and fun from The Darkness, RavenEye and The Last Vegas.

First up to start the night off were Chicago’s very own, much-loved The Last Vegas. Looking around in the crowd, there were a fair number of people donning their t-shirts, clearly out to support their local band. It’s rare these days to see a venue so full when the first act come on, but everyone knew this was a band you cannot miss. The House of Blues was ready to party, and party they did.

If you haven’t come across The Last Vegas yet, now is the time to look them up. They are a fun and energetic band who have toured with AC/DC, Motley Crue and Guns N Roses. These guys are clearly getting noticed by some of the world’s biggest bands, and rightly so. They had the crowd revved up and excited for the night ahead.

Next up to grace the stage was RavenEye. This three-piece raised the energy to a whole new level. The stage was not big enough to contain their energy and passion as both singer, Oli Brown, and bass player, Aaron Spiers, took turns to jump down into the audience. Even some technical difficulties with Oli’s microphone was not enough to hinder them, as they kept on rocking. The sound they produced seemed like there should have been more than just the three of them on the stage. These Brit boys were clearly enjoying the night and being given the honor to tour with The Darkness, as the big grins they had on their faces could be seen all the way from the top balcony. RavenEye are a band you will surely be hearing a lot more from in the future.

With the House of Blues packed to the rafters, The Darkness burst onto the stage. You wouldn’t think it was just October when the band last rolled into town with the warm reception they received. It was like greeting a long lost friend.

The Darkness are currently touring North America for their Back in the USSA tour, in support of the current album, Last Of Our Kind, an album that sees them back hitting their stride like The Darkness we all came to know and love. Starting proceedings off with the opening track off the album, “Barbarian”, before belting out old faithful “Growing On Me”. By this point the crowd were well and truly bouncing off the walls.

Justin Hawkins has to be one of the best frontmen to see live. His rapport with the audience is second to none and you have to keep your eyes on his at all times as you never know when he’ll suddenly dive from the corner speakers onto the fans below, or appear behind you on the shoulders of their security guy, playing his guitar as they walk through the crowd.

This is a band made up of four perfectly matched components. The quirky frontman, Justin, and his riff-monster brother, Dan, take turns at lead guitar – both of which received resounding cheers each time they took pole position. Add into the mix pirate bass player, Frankie Poullain and newish addition, Rufus Taylor, on the drums and you have a killer rhythm section on your hands.

The Darkness are a band who well and truly come into their own on stage, bringing a whole new life to their songs. It was clear to see how pumped up the audience were as they filtered out the doors at the end of a fantastic night of music.

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