They call themselves, anarcho-capitalist terror punks. God Bless America is not just another punk band, they are thee punk band to know about. 

After discovering the secret scrolls of success at the end of the Oregon trail, God Bless America founder Eddie Kancer (vocals) and Fluffy (bass) tossed in everything they owned to the band. After meeting up with Tim (guitar) and Captain Mittens (drums), God Bless America’s line up has what it takes to be the next big thing in Punk.

The self pro-claimed leaders of the anti-politically correct punk movement established God Bless America in July 2012. They have played with The Mentors and Total Chaos, along with many emerging local artists keeping themselves busy and booked.

Heralded by old school punkers as “sounding like every punk band you ever loved from the 80’s all wrapped up in to one,” God Bless America is on the path to something great. They have been banned from several venues in Portland due to some of their song lyrics. The band’s second home, The Red Room, closed where they performed a nude set. Now it has been much to the dismay of parents, teachers, and other do-goodniks of the Pacific Northwest God Bless America has had continued success after such adversity.

If you have not heard of God Bless America, this is your chance. If you haven’t caught a live show from the up and coming hardcore punk band from Portland, OR, it should be on your to do list. God Bless America will be opening for Symbol Six on Sep 25 at the Ash Street saloon in Portland. Their current EP, God Bless America (F.U), has been rapidly gaining momentum and holding the top five spot for punk bands in Portland.

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