The day many teenage girls were waiting for finally arrived when the pop-punk band known as 5 Seconds of Summer arrived in New Jersey.

Hey Violet just so happens to be on Hi or Hey Records, which is a record label in partnership with Capitol Records created by 5 Seconds of Summer, giving everyone a good idea why they were the lucky band chosen to open the show.

Before the show, the band did a special acoustic set around 4 pm outside the amphitheater along with a meeting and greeting, giving everyone a good sense of how friendly they are and how much they love their fans.  Even when they ran out of time and had to go into the venue, they did a group photo with everyone left on the line and posted it onto their Twitter account with the caption, “Thanks for a fun hangout, New Jersey! Loved singing with you all! (Here’s a pic we took with a few of you) xo.”  Out of the songs Hey Violet sang once the concert started, the song that got everyone up on their feet had to be their rock cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” since it is one of the songs a majority of the crowd know.

When 5 Seconds of Summer took the stage, the first thing you saw were the bright flashing lights shining directly on Ashton Irwin (singer/drummer) turning white to indigo as he played the intro to their first song of the night, “End Up Here.” Then the white lights fully took the whole stage and revealed the rest of the band, Luke Hemmings (singer/guitarist), Michael Clifford (singer/guitarist), and Calum Hood (singer/bassist).

They didn’t disappoint the fans for the fact they included “Don’t Stop,” “Heartache On The Big Screen,” “Amnesia,” “She’s Kinda Hot,” She Looks So Perfect,” “Good Girls,” and “What I Like About You” to their set list.

The great thing about the band was they didn’t need anything fancy to make their show exciting. Flashing bright lights with big screens behind them and on the sides were all they needed along with their funny interactive attitude with the crowd throughout the show.

When the band began to perform their song “Rejects,” multiple signs came up and fans were all wondering why. It turned out during the song, a fan was chosen to play Michael’s guitar and take over the mini catwalk they had. Out of the many girls attending the show, they didn’t hesitate to pick a guy fan who rocked his short solo on the guitar. It seemed as if he were practicing in advance in hopes of being chosen since it looked like he knew what he was doing.

One of fans’ favorite moments from the show had to be when the band did their cover of “American Idiot” by one of their favorite bands, Green Day, because it’s one of the bands they were influenced by along with Blink-182, All Time Low, and Good Charlotte.

Another great moment had to be their intro before singing their latest single “She’s Kinda Hot.” Before singing the song, they announced they had just won an MTV Video Music Award that was airing live during the show. The moment was special not only because they won and the whole 5SOS family was there in one amphitheater, but because the award was fan voted using the hashtag #ShesKindaHotVMA that was constantly trending on Twitter. With many people hearing the new song for the first time live, the crowd was screaming the lyrics to the top of their lungs even louder than all the other songs.

Like most bands do nowadays, the band had two encore songs, but surprisingly many people were already starting to leave because they thought the show was over after “She Looks So Perfect” was performed and the amphitheater got dark. Once the lights came back on, it was the moment many people started running back to their seat to catch their last glimpse of the pop-punk band. They ended up closing the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour with their popular cover of “What I Like About You” by The Romantics.

Many people assume 5 Seconds of Summer is your average boy band judging by their looks, especially after they toured with One Direction, but after seeing them live you’ll realize they’re anything but that.

Tour Dates

Aug 19 Detroit, MI

Aug 21 Cleveland, OH

Aug 22 Indianapolis, IN

Aug 23 Burgettstown, PA

Aug 25 Toronto, ON

Aug 26 Saratoga Springs, NY

Aug 28 Mansfield, MA

Aug 29 Hershey, PA

Aug 30 Holmdel, NJ

Sep 01 Wantagh, NY

Sep 02 Wantagh, NY

Sep 04 Camden, NJ

Sep 05 Hartford, CT

Sep 06 Bristow, VA

Sep 07 Virginia Beach, VA

Sep 09 Charlotte, NC

Sep 10 Raleigh, NC

Sep 12 Tampa, FL

Sep 13 W. Palm Beach, FL

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