The EP is out and you can only listen to it here!

The much awaited EP by New York City-based The Black Atlas is available for your listening pleasure. Equinox, the three-song EP, is available to stream (see box below). If you are curious about the album, check out our review of Equinox. However, don’t take our word for it; listen to it yourself. This is a great release for audiophiles, especially if you have headphones handy.

The EP is dark and moody, with intricate music layers carefully woven together. The production is, overall, surprisingly good for an indie production.

Peter Koronios wrote and performed all pieces on the EP. Jesse Clasen (Foreign Air/ex-HRVRD) produced the release. Equinox also includes performances by JesseClasen, Ally Hoffman (MTHR), and Ian Hendrickson-Smith (The Roots; Tonight Show Band). Colin Frangicetto is the artist behind the incredible EP artwork.

The Black Atlas
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