Flowerpot unleashes their second EP, Place Your Bet, with a live set at a release party in their hometown.

The Lanes is home to an expectant crowd as Flowerpot kick off their 45-minute set with “Overrated,” the first track on the new EP. The audience is on board straight away, as Louisa Baker (vocals and guitar), Morgan Pearce (bass), and Ellie Daymond (drums) hit the ground running. The band is sounding tight and have been looking forward to tonight for a while. Coming to the end of a tour of Colleges and Universities, the songs are well rehearsed, and it shows.

The set list is a good mix of old and new, with tracks from Place Your Bet alternating with those from previous release Broken Stiletto and older tracks, too. “Roulette” is followed by “Get To You,” before it comes to “XTC,” another of the new songs. The crowd choir are encouraged to join in with the “whoa whoa whoas” and are happy to do so, in fine voice.

Ellie’s superb drum work mixes with Morgan’s driving bass providing a solid foundation as always. Louisa’s guitar licks are flowing freely, and it’s clear to see they are enjoying themselves. Morgan has even added different coloured strings to the bass, which also sound great when the dirty fuzz is employed!

The crowd is loving the set, and cheering and clapping after each song. “Dust to Dust” and “Broken Stiletto” are followed by the brilliant “Loser Girl” – an oldie but a goodie, which sees the audience clapping along. “Precious Little Lies” is next and then the stand-out rocker “Calling Your Bluff” from the new EP, which sees hair flailing in the band and crowd alike.

The set is over, but the people want more. Flowerpot is happy to deliver, with brand new track “Better be Good” getting it’s first live outing.
And so ends a fantastic night, hopefully a sign of great things to come for the girls. They deserve to be recognised.


The EP is available to buy from the bands website, iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and all the usual places.

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