All Bad Things Must Come to an End with Motley Crue’s final tour.

Motley Crue is getting closer to their last show and this tour is more than a final hurrah; it represents 34 years of a band that has rocked their way through while simultaneously surviving the 80’s and beyond. The tumultuous years of their beginnings helped indoctrinate many fans into a rock culture that will be often copied but never repeated with the same fearless passions that catapulted Motley Crue and their fans into history.

The show opened with icon Alice Cooper trashing through popular hits and putting on a great show. Fans were treated to his classic stage show as a paradoxical precursor to one of the Crue’s last concerts. His strength as a showman radiated as he strutted through his set. It was a fitting and energetic opening for Motley Crue.

While the show had canonical occurrences like dancing backup singers and fire shooting everywhere, the most poignant moment of the show was when Nikki Sixx told the story of how he repeatedly stole his grandfather’s knife, until finally his grandfather gave it to him. He has carried a knife every day since. This summarized story is of little consequence without Nikki’s metaphor of the knife to both him and the band. The knife represents never giving up when you want something. He, as well as Vince, Tommy, and Mick, wanted Motley Crue to be successful just as young Nikki wanted that knife and they kept their dream going for 34 years.

No Crue show would be complete without Tommy’s drum solo, and this tour has Tommy seeing his dream of a spinning drum kit on a roller coaster heading out over the crowd. The Viejas Arena was a great place to see this feat as there was not a bad seat in the house to witness this drum phenomenon.

With only a few shows left, the “All Bad Things Must Come to an End” tour represents not only an end of an era but perhaps a turn as members move on with other endeavors. While some aspirations of Motley Crue members are becoming evident with Nikki’s Sixx AM project, sanguine fans can speculate that each member will also see other dreams on the horizon.

RIP Motley Crue

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