Swim in the blood warm glow of thrash as your skull is blown wide open after listening to Exit Wounds by The Haunted.

Every single note on The Haunted’s latest release Exit Wounds is a bullet exploding with the sound of thrash. From start to finish, you are hurtled through a tapestry of uncompromisingly fierce music. Exit Wounds starts with the prelude of “317” before launching into “Cutting Teeth.” Vocalist Marco Aro screams are full blown with aggressive might.

“My Salvation” blasts the doors opens with a barrage of intriguing guitar work from Patrik Jensen and Ola Englund. Drummer Adrian Erlandsson and bassist Jonas Bjorler build a massive fortress of sound. “Psychonaut” and “Eye of the Storm” showcase melodic songwriting that hooks deep with a bite that is unrelenting. The guitar solo in “Eye of the Storm” is outstanding. Ola’s pacing and melodic sense are impeccable.

“Trend Killer” is full of fist clenching contempt for those who lack conviction in their musical direction. The song features guest vocals from Chuck Billy (Testament) and guitar from Jed Simon (Scar The Martyr). One of the best songs on Exit Wounds is “Time (Will Not Heal).” The hypnotic main groove spills into a melodic chorus, which combined with Marco’s tortured howls will have you screaming at the sky.


The Pantera-esque “All I Have” fashions a song with Dimebag squeals that bridge into the sound of metal made so popular in Gothenburg. Jumping back into their thrash roots, The Haunted devastate with “Temptation” followed by the maniacal “My Enemy.” These are songs of pure thrash gold with a bow on top.

With terrible retribution burning at its core, “Kill The Light” is a fantastic song which exemplifies the sound of The Haunted. It is song writing that clicks at all levels to bring you a music with layers of imagery. The juggernaut of sound continues with the fevered turmoil “This War.”

Exit Wounds wraps up with the careening textures of “Infiltrator” followed by the brooding masterpiece of “Ghost In the Machine.” Both songs reiterate the thrash dominance of The Haunted through skillful crafting of music that satisfies the savagery within.

Few albums have kept this reviewer in such rapt attention as Exit Wounds. The Haunted have captured all that is great about metal music in this release. This is easily one of the best metal albums of 2014.

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