Rocktober is upon us as The Misfits headline Punk Rock Night at the Vogue.

9th Circle Symphony kicked off this month’s Punk Rock night at the ever popular Vogue in Indiana. These post apocalyptic warriors warmed up the crowd with some heavy industrial tunes straight from the wastes of Indianapolis. Another local favorite, The Dockers, hit the stage with each member donning a fez and began to win the audience’s heart from there. Reminiscent of the Dead Milkmen, it would be hard to watch this group of unlikely punk rockers and not find yourself bopping along to their comical lyrics and catchy grooves.

And, you just can’t be a true punk rock fan without loving the Misfits. The Vogue is an intimate venue which allowed concert goers the opportunity to be face to face with these punk rock legends. After 30 years, the band has still got it. Jerry Only, Dez Cadena (formerly of Black Flag), and Eric “Chupacabra” Arce (of Murphy’s Law) are bringing the stage alive in 2014 with all of the classic Misfits favorites along with some of their recent work, and continue to make spandex, skulls, and spikes look sexy.

Jerry Only is the consummate showman, catching people’s glances and smiling at them or pointing at them from the stage. He knows how to draw the fans in and make them feel special. After each show, he goes down into the pit and signs autographs, takes photos, and kisses girls on the cheek and this one was no exception. It is apparent that he appreciates his fans and likes to make them smile. It might not have been Halloween quite yet, but everyday is Halloween with the Misfits.

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