National Rock Review had chance to meet with The Prophet Josephina Smith to discuss their faithful swallower’s, their music, their message and where they buy their clothes.

The Mormon Trannys started out as humble Mormon boys who felt different. After years of self-doubt, self torment, and self exploration, they transitioned out of The Fundamentalist Church Of Latter Day Saints and created a much sexier offshoot: The Church of Latter Day Skanks. The young boys of The Mormon Trannys had been formerly abused, tormented, and chastised for being who they were: young, sexy, and rebellious. After years of pre-op soul-searching, The Mormon Trannys have finally come to Portland to spread their message by spreading some thighs.

The “Trannys” rally against homophobia and use their seductive allure to expose the lies of secular religion. It’s leaders and cult off-shoots have harbored sexual abusers, manufactured hate, and spread war throughout the centuries in the name of God. The fun-loving, hard rocking, fishnet stocking Bible clad cod pieces are born to rock and fresh outta post-op.

Mormon Trannys interview:

After the interview, the only thing left to do is to bring your tight little asses to a Mormon Tranny show and leave your morals, inhibitions, and virginity at the door.

The Mormon Trannys:
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