Howie D. from Hard Edge Radio and National Rock Review talks to Victor Griffin from Pentagram.

Howie D. recently spoke to long time Pentagram guitarist, Victor Griffin. They talked about the early years, how him and singer Bobby Liebling originally got hooked up, how he spent his time during the band’s hiatus, the new CD and upcoming tour, his thoughts on the latest health issues and problems facing Motorhead guitarist and singer Lemmy Kilmister and more.

Pentagram got its start back in the early 70’s and through the ups and downs have still managed to keep things going to this day. Through member changes and breaks in the action, they kept in touch and continued to reform to make their brand of doom metal. The band’s last two releases, 2011’s Last Rights and 2015’s Curious Volume have gained them a new generation of fans to add to the loyal underground following they’ve managed to grow since the early days. Catch Pentagram on tour both in the US and Europe starting Sept 30th.

The interview with Victor Griffin from Pentagram:

Curious Volumes, the latest release from Pentagram:

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