Detroit has always been a hotbed of musical genius and talent, giving the world some of the most memorable artists and music for decades. Often seen and spoken of as a raw, gritty city, the whipping child of America that is the poster child for a post apocalyptic future it still continues to be the thriving heartbeat of the Midwest. A heartbeat that still pumps out kick ass music with all the passion and fury of a heart that refuses to die or go quietly in to the night.

Maxine Petrucci personifies that heartbeat in both her music and her attitude which explodes with furor on her latest release “Back To The Garden”. Strong willed, determined and fiercely defiant in the face of the modern music industry, she gathers all that energy and pours it in to one of the finest music releases to grace the metal scene in recent years. This is the spirit of Detroit Rock and Roll at its finest.

Last weekend found us at the video release party for her video “Lost Girls”, which is Petrucci’s nod to Detroit’s Quatro sisters: Patti, Suzi, Arlene & Nancy and the city that spawned one of the earliest all-female rock groups to be signed to a major label. Maxine and Rachel May spent some time with us after the party to tell it like it is and prove that Detroit Rock City is still alive and kicking ass.

Maxine Petrucci and Rachel May Interview

Maxine – Lost Girls

Maxine is:
Maxine Petrucci – Vocals, Guitar
Rachel May – Vocals, Guitar
Pat DeLeon – Drums
Bryan Paxton – Bass

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