Hopes and dreams do come true. Now, to get the big pizza sponsorship and life would be complete for a bit for one person involved.

Matt Dalton and brother Andy have helped to found and nurtured a little piece of summer in the Mitten these past seventeen years with a little show now known as Dirt Fest. This would mark the tenth year as Dirt Fest and eighteenth year in all of its forms since a fresh faced Dalton boys decided to throw one hell of a party. Having moved locations this years for various reasons, make sure to help the festival break new ground in downtown Pontiac, MI on Aug 13, 2016 with VIP doors at 11:00 am and GA doors opening at 12:00 pm. According to the little metal gnomes we have on staff, tickets are still available on the Dirt Fest website which is linked for you below.


With much of the buzz about this year’s big names such as Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandra, Attila, and Hatebreed, it’s hard not to wonder about the wizard pulling the levers behind the scenes. So, we went to the Emerald City to track down the wizard of Metro 37 Studios and mastermind of the Michigan metal monster as well. Matt was good to us and granted an audience to pick his ample brain about the origins of the show, why the festival has the feel that it does, and how refreshing it is to be oneself in a PC world. Buckle in for this trip down memory lane, driving hot rods, and eating pizza to fucking die for. Listen to the interview, you’ll appreciate that.

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Don’t miss the bands headling or playing on the National Rock Review stage either for that matter. Show us your photos at our Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #NRRDIRTFEST.

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