The vocalist talks about the new EP, Lunar Prelude, and the tour with Nightwish and Sonata Arctica

NRR: Hi Charlotte, Nice to talk you and discuss the new songs on the EP.
Charlotte Wessels:: Yeah sure. So basically, the first one is “Sucker Punch” for video and single if that still exists. One of the first songs we started writing for the new album and see if we like it and the new direction we want to take. And have been talking about it and usually that song that makes you click is the one we made the first video for.
It is very fitting as well that it has a positive message and leads from a dark place, what weighs you down. Then take them on and kicking their asses, and can be related to a classic break up song. But for me, it can be in a toxic relationship with someone, and that is the perspective the song takes. But for me personally, I like to look at metaphorically. And even a classic breakup song
NRR: And the other song?
Charlotte Wessels: The other song is “Turn the Lights Out” is more melodramatic, Melancholic track where its lyrically I got the inspiration from the Neil Gaiman’s DC comics Dead Man series and specifically the character of death. In the comic is a young Goth woman, is a very likeable character which is different than most western personifications of death as the Grim Reaper scary guys. It is very different than that which I like a lot. And the lyrics are very much based on that character on her task and her loneliness. So yeah I am a big fan of Neil Gaiman, and so it had to happen one day.
NRR: Last year touring with Nightwish and then going back home to Europe for more performances. When did you have time to write and record the new songs?
Charlotte Wessels: It was a challenge. Rather than have on long writing block like you traditionally do like going into the recording studio to write your songs and record the songs and produce your record. We don’t have time for that. We tour so much and tour so much the last couple of years which is a luxury. Is a champagne problem really but what we have done to tackle that is that we caught up the writing and recording process into different chunks.
So we had to two of them, and some songs finished. That what inspired us for the EP in general that we had some songs finished, and we wanted to bridge that time between one album and the next. And also when we have a song it’s weird to wait like a year for the album to come out to play it and gives a reason to go out and play it to show people what we are working on and don’t have to keep it a secret.
NRR: These new songs have that consistent Delain sound
Charlotte Wessels: These are songs from the next Delain album which we have been writing for and very much line what we want to do.
NRR: Is the new album to be release this year?
Charlotte Wessels: Yes, yes probably near the end of summer
NRR: Is there a title for it?

Charlotte Wessels:


NRR: Not going to give it away
Charlotte Wessels: No (laughter). The title of the EP Lunar Prelude is a hint
NRR: We have seen anew addition to the band, the lady guitarist
Charlotte Wessels: The lady guitarist yeah, you can call her the guitarist is okay. Merel Bechtold is great and has been filling in on some tours while Timo Somers while he has other duties to fulfill and she fits very well into the group and some gigs with Timo. And this is the point where we started to reconsider having one guitarist, and we have this girl that totally works out and we have some songs where we can play live. And we recorded a million guitars.
NRR: And backing tracks?
Charlotte Wessels: For the orchestra and backing vocals, I only have one set of pipes and Martijn Westerholonly (keyboards) has two hands and that is fair enough. You don’t want to back up everything with orchestra tracks. It should be a live experience. I’m not all mysterious about playing on backing tracks, but there is some certain use which is acceptable and a certain amount to use which is kind of lame.
So there are some songs we just didn’t play because we didn’t put all on track and we notice now we can add many more songs to our repertoire since we have a second guitarist. So live, it has helped us a lot. And in the group she (Merle) is fantastic to have with us. This is something that needs more time to develop.
Also I am curious that Martijn and I have been writing songs for 10 years. Everyone in the band at one point we feel like that this is the structure of the song. We write it with most of the ideas and at one point we bring it to the band and how they can make it their own. And I am very curious like I said, this will take little bit of time because we are in this structure and all input is always welcome. So we know on all those levels it great to have her with us. And I am curious to see what happens on that level too.
NRR: And adds a fresh dimension to the band as well, a positive
Charlotte Wessels: I am used to being in groups with males around in the band and I am not fixated on gender and say oh my god refuse so special and fixated on female guitarists. That woman can’t play guitar and defiantly don’t see enough of in my opinion.
NRR: I know this is down the road, is it possible to headline shows across the US?
Charlotte Wessels: We were told when we started touring the US, that we needed five support tours before we can do our own tour. We are four now so we should be very close. So if something good comes by we might do another support tour or a possibility doing a double bill or headlining. We are working that out now but either it won’t be long.
NRR: You have a great fan base at the US, and a dynamic show
Charlotte Wessels: Thank you
NRR: How long you on this tour?
Charlotte Wessels: I think three or four weeks or something like that with Nightwish and continue to do some shows here with Sonata Actica then fly back to Netherlands.
NRR: Just a thought to release a live album and dvd after this studio album?
Charlotte Wessels: It depends when this interview is released (laughter). I am glad you think it is good idea.

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