Right before a new tour starts is a time of plans and excitement. And this tour is one of the most anticipated of the spring.

Otep Shamaya is one of the biggest names in the male-dominated world of heavy metal music. Not only is she getting ready to go out on on the road with Lacey Sturm, Doll Skin, September Mourning, and Through Fire on the Generation Doom Tour, her latest album, Generation Doom, will also be out on April 15, 2016, on Napalm Records.

Regardless of political views and if you agree with her or not, she is an undeniable creative force as a musical artist, an author, and poet. She graciously sat down with National Rock Review to answer a few questions before life becomes too crazy to do much else but hold on for dear life while whisking from one show to another.

We talked about the tour of course, along with the new album and the amazing photos taken to promote it. We even managed to get a few very proud moments of gushing on her fur babies and how she once an stole an entire audience from another stage quite by accident.


We do apologize now for the slightly underperforming audio for this piece. Technology is wonderful until it’s not. However, we do our best to keep our promises to the artists and to our audience to bring you the biggest stars and the stars-in-training that will be there some day.

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After getting the photo bug in the far, past days of black and white film, Erich continued to develop his eye for photography which lead to stops in the sporting, art, wedding, and eventually concert music worlds. Now, doing more writing for National Rock Review, he has entered into the journey of getting to know the artists and the industry, not just the faces on the other side of the lens.

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