Life isn’t easy in NYC. But tough times don’t last, only tough people do. If the guy that’s up next doesn’t fit that, no one will.

Harley Flanagan has seen a trip or two around the block in more than one neighborhood of the NYHC scene. With a new book coming, Hard-core: Life Of My Own, one of the founding members of Cro-Mags sets a part of his life down in print for everyone to see. Add in a new solo album, Cro-Mags, and you understand that Harley has been a busy New Yorker, to say the least. This Renzo Gracie Academy black belt in Jiu-Jitsu also teaches classes six days a week, if we forgot to mention that in his other duties of being an author, a musician, and even a dad on top of everything else.

We managed to grab a few minutes of this multifaceted artist to sit down on the phone with us and go through a few topics like the book, the new album, and what his life has been like going from the mean streets to the mats teaching people a serious martial art.

For those looking for more dirt on his past troubles with a particular band and the incident with them, that subject was purposely avoided. And, some may find the martial arts part of the interview a tad long. But for those that are fascinated by the subject and the history he goes over, you’re welcome.

A man can change a lot over the years. Transcending from watching a VHS tape of UFC 2 to gaining a rare black belt and then teaching others what you know is a high accomplishment.

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