What is Mustard Plug? A veteran ska band who has been around 20+ years? A group of guys from Grand Rapids, MI? That crunchy dry yellow thing at the top of a squeeze bottle of mustard? The correct answer is all of the above!

Rick Johnson speaks with National Rock Review contributor, Cheryl Frishman, before the Mustard Plug show in Grand Rapids on March 29th, 2014, and discusses a bit of band history, the band’s future, the origin of the band name, and Rick’s dream-team lineup.

Rick Johnson interview:

Cheryl Frishman also reviewed the Mustard Plug show in Grand Rapids. Be sure to read the article: Mustard Plug Concert Review


About The Author

   Cheryl is currently living in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Music has always been a big part of her life. Located between Detroit and Chicago there are always many opportunities to attend great shows. It became clear after a few opportunities to do interviews and take photos that set Cheryl on the road to a new career. In the last four years she has attended countless shows in all types of arenas. She loves the music and the excitement of each and every show and it keeps her coming back or more.    

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