It is said that everything is bigger in Texas and Texas Hippie Coalition proved that point with a tour stop at Trixie’s in Louisville, KY.

A solid crowd of Louisville metallers assembles on Sunday evening as Denison, Texas based Texas Hippie Coalition (more affectionately known as THC) crush Trixie’s Entertainment complex.

Fronted by the dominating presence of ‘the man in black’ Big Daddy Ritch, THC unleashes their brand of Southern Rock Red Dirt Metal starting off fast and furious with “Hands Up,” “8 Seconds, and “Rollin’”.

In between songs, Big Dad Ritch shares a number of stories about the band, his childhood, and Texas.  His mama asked him if he was going to be a doctor or a lawyer when he grew up and he told her, ‘I’m gonna smoke more weed than Willie, drink more whiskey than Waylon, wear black like Johnny Cash. I’m sure as hell giving Willie a run, I can’t catch Waylon because his drummer, Timmy, is a whiskey stealin’ Son of a Bitch and I am wearing all black ‘cos I’m gonna be an “outlaw’.

With Bid Daddy Ritch haunched over his double barrel shotgun mic stand, he is in complete control of the evening as THC blast through favorites “Tear It Up,” “El Diablo Rojo,” and “Paw Paw Hill” with the expected riff heavy grooves that have the entire venue head banging.

Ending the THC party on a high, Texas Hippie Coalition close the evening with “Damn You to Hell” and the anthem like favorite “Pissed off and Mad About It”. With everyone center stage, Big Daddy Ritch declares ‘We like to end our shows with something we stole from Motley Crue’ as everyone takes a bow drawing one final cheer.  ‘Thank You, Louisville, we will be back!’ shouts the self-proclaimed ‘King of Texas’.

It is always great to see good local area bands showcased in supporting slots. Queensville, Indiana based Goodnight Carnage provide the main support with a solid set of riff heavy hard rock.  Making the 3+ hour drive from Paducah, Kentucky was Ironcore Resistance.  Loud guitars, heavy bass, and thunderous drums are prominently featured in a rocking 30-minute set of military based metal.  

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Trixie’s Entertainment Center

Event Date: 27-Aug-2017