The Mad Magician closed its doors for good, rounding out their dedication to providing live music with The Winks.

St. Louis based punk trio The Winks helped close out the final show at the Mad Magician in St. Louis. Featuring Dillon Dunnagan (guitar and vocals), Alex Black (drums), and Austin Johnson (bass and backing vocals), The Winks have been together for just over a year, but the members are also involved in other bands and projects.

The band sat down for a short chat after their set at Mad Magician, a club that took its name after the 1950s film of the same name and whose logo pays homage to St. Louis native and horror movie icon, Vincent Price. The band discussed their origins: Black and Dunnagan became friends in high school through a mutual love of punk rock, then advertised for a bass player. Johnson hesitated to fill that position at first, waiting two weeks before sending in his credentials, but once the three met and began making music, the chemistry was nearly instant.

Heavily influenced by Green Day, their setlist includes a number of originals–they have enough material for two full-length releases–and a few fan and band favorite cover tunes. What The Winks bring to the stage is energy, a sense of humor, dedication to traditional punk values, and sense of community. Each member spent time among the crowd before and after the set talking to fans and spreading their infectious smile and love for punk rock.

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