One-Eyed Doll returns to St. Louis in support of their newest album, Witches, released March 24, 2015

Kimberly Freeman and Jason “Junior” Sewell, the duo that is One-Eyed Doll, stopped in St. Louis as part of their most recent tour. The band’s most recent release, Witches, is a concept album centered on research about the Salem witch hysteria and trials of the 17th century.

One-Eyed Doll is renowned for being a preeminent DIY band, with Kimberly and Junior handling songwriting, recording, production, and merchandise almost exclusively. This latest release was born of an extended stay in the Redwood Forest near Santa Cruz, CA. Kimberly and Jason wrote the album on the banjo and mandolin, later translating the music to electric guitar and drums for the recording.

Onstage, the band continues their DIY attitude and work ethic, with Kimberly engaging and interacting with the audience before, during, and after the band’s performance. Their fan base remains as enthusiastic as ever, with many die-hard fans of all ages in attendance; one family had three generations in the audience.

Also on the bill were Make Me Break Me, a post-hardcore band from St. Louis, known for their energetic and heavy music. Founded in 2008, the band went through some early lineup changes before its current roster was solidified, and their popularity in the Midwest has only increased throughout that time. Make Me Break Me’s performance was well received, the floor packed with both fans familiar with the band and those who became fans after their solid set.

Slampig, another St. Louis-area band, played third. They describe their sound as “Swamp Metal,” which comes across as a heavy combination of groove and riff-oriented rock that grabbed the audience’s attention. Their set was underscored by the band’s energetic performance and heavy guitars, punctuated by solid bass and drum work.

Nervous Pudding was second on the bill and was originally formed in 2000. Last year, however, the band relaunched with an updated sound with elements of jazz, funk, and metal. Although not as heavy as the other bands, their sound and solid performance still fit well with the overall vibe of the evening.

Conquer as They Come, an alternative/hard rock band from the St. Louis area, opened the show. This band formed in 2011 and boasts four members, each from different musical backgrounds and tastes. Their individual differences complement one another, making an interesting sound that is both melodic and ear-shattering.

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