Widespread Panic treated an ecstatic crowd at The Fillmore Detroit to a high energy night packed with their distinct blend of rock, blues, and jazz.

The night was full of good energy as fans of all ages packed the Fillmore, swelling in cheers as Widespread Panic hit the stage and greeted the crowd with “Little Kin.”

Since their inception in the late 1980s in Athens, Georgia, Widespread Panic has risen to legendary status among American jam bands, evident in their status as the record holders for the most sold-out performances at both Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Atlanta’s Philips Arena.

Changing their setlist every night ensures that they never play the same show twice, giving fans a new experience and another reason to see Panic over and over again.

Their bluesy rock sound is infused with a Southern twang that separates them from the rest. Their impromptu, go-with-the-flow jam feeling is contrasted with an onslaught of technical genius from each member. From soaring and twangy vocals, steely guitar riffs, grooving percussions, keyboards, drums, and a driving bass; the talent in this band is staggering. Each song was performed with precision and enthusiasm, captivating even the casual fan.

Their first set of the night was full of surprises and favorites to amp up the crowd such as “Papa’s Home,” “The Poorhouse of Positive Thinking,” “Visiting Day,” “Gimmie,” and more. They mixed up their show with a healthy dose of covers, such as “Who Do You Belong To?” (BloodKin), “Flat Foot Flewzy” (NRBQ), and “North” (Jerry Joseph), putting their spin on each.

The second set solidified the band’s musical prowess, with hits such as “This Part of Town,” “Heroes,” “Second Skin,” and “Stop Go.” An improv drum jam took the band into “Fishwater” and “Airplane,” closing with “Action Man.”

Widespread Panic played a phenomenal encore, performing “Vacation” and then “Chainsaw City” (a Little Women cover), with photographer Andy Tennille doing a guest spot on percussion.

Panic’s southern-blended blues and hard rock attracts a diverse fan base, which includes everyone from the coolest of hippies to the heaviest of rockers. The crowd was a euphoric bunch, people of all styles were dancing and celebrating with each other as they rocked out to their favorite Panic songs. Fans gave their love and energy to the band who gave it right back in an incredible performance.

The guys are keeping a busy schedule, having a summer tour planned right after their current spring tour, as well as having fall and New Years shows booked. Whether you have never seen them or are a long time fan, there are plenty of opportunities to see Widespread Panic.

Members include John Bell (vocals/guitar), Jimmy Herring (guitar), John “JoJo” Hermann (keyboard/vocals), Domingo Ortiz (percussion/vocals), Dave Schools (bass/vocals), and Duane Trucks (drums)

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