Make America Metal Again tour blazed into The Ritz with Devil You Know and support from ONI, Septafoil, Behind the Silence, and The Oath Lies Here.

Opening the evening was The Oath Lies Here from the Troy, Michigan. Many in the audience knew the band and sang along to their songs, including singing into the microphone on several occasions. They ripped through a short set that had the audience wanting more.

The band includes Keith Wright (vocals), Jordan Kilcoyne (vocals), Danny Schultz (lead guitar), Chris Parker (rhythm guitar), and Jon Genautis (drums).

Next up was metalcore band Behind the Silence from Detroit. As with the opening band, Behind the Silence has an establish fanbase turned out to support them. Fans were pressed against the stage, headbanging, and singing in unison with the band.

The band is Thomas Schroeder (vocals), Anthony Madonna (vocals), Brandon Murdoch (drums), Joe Dunn (guitar), James Henkel (guitar), and Zakk Sands (bass).

Septafoil from Detroit hit the stage next with their groove metal sound. Vocalist Mike Cendo, sporting an orange jumpsuit and noose around his neck, looked like a cross between Hannibal Lecter and an escaped prisoner.

Septafoil was extremely entertaining, both musically and visually; they struck poses and made for great photo opportunities. The band cranked though a blistering set that had the crowd worked up into a frenzy. Well worth your time to catch them live.

The Septafoil lineup is Jon Parmentier (drums), Matt Scanlin (guitar), and Scot Palen (bass) along with Cendo (vocals).

Oni, one of the standout acts, came next.

ONI plays hard-hitting technical metal. Their music is heavy stuff with plenty of shredding and elements of progressive rock. Their sound is reminiscent me of bands like Periphery and Protest the Hero.

ONI is from Ontario, Canada and is led by vocalist Jake Oni. All of the band members are extremely skilled and played off each other during their powerful and infectious set.

ONI is Jake Oni along with Martin Andres (guitar), Brandon White (guitar), Chase Bryant (bass), Joe Greulich drums, and John “D” (xylosynth).

Their debut album is due later this summer, but they have already released a song called “Eternal Recurrence.”

After a lengthy break, the stage went dark and Devil You Know hit the stage to great cheers from the crowd. The band tore through several songs from their latest release, They Bleed Red, as well as songs from their first release, The Beauty of Destruction.

Lead singer Howard Jones is well known in the metal scene from his years with the metal band, Killswitch Engage. Howard worked the whole stage, consistently pacing about and coming to the front of the stage to interact with the rabid fans; they loved it. He is not only a great metal vocalist but kept the audience entertained between songs with occasional jokes; he has a great sense of humor.

Guitarist Francesco Artusato showed his fretboard finesse while bassist Ryan Wombacher and drummer John Boeklin (filling in for John Sankey on this tour) laid down the low-end and rapid fire beat. It was a great set and, overall, an exceptional night of metal.

The complete setlist for Devil You Know was “Consume the Damned,” “My Own,” “Embracing the Torture,” “Seven Years Alone,” “Stay of Execution,” “A New Beginning,” “A Mind Insane,” “Crawl from the Dark,” “Way We Die,” and “Shut It Down.”

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