David Coverdale, the man with a timeless voice proves, as he always does, that he’s still got it!

David Coverdale, the lead singer and founder of Whitesnake, is still hitting the same notes we have heard from him all these many years. It has been said by a former band mate Marco Mendoza in a recent interview, he is the “quintessential” rock star. Coverdale spoke with this reporter a few years ago for almost two hours. He’s stayed genuinely nice, even sweet, after all these years in the music business and through many bands and projects. But he has never lost that sex appeal, that lusty edge and saunter across the stage that brings a crowd to its feet. Women are drawn to the sex appeal and men are drawn to the sheer power of the show they put on. The showmanship of the entire band is top notch.

With the current lineup of the band including Tommy Aldridge, Joel Hoekstra, Reb Beach, Michael Devin, and Michele Luppi, Whitesnake is forever proving to be a rock n’ roll force to be reckoned with. They performed many favorites like “Bad Boys,” “Still of the Night,” “Give Me All Your Love,” and “Deeper the Love,” as well as cuts from the newly-released, The Purple Album. This new release contains remakes of Deep Purple songs during the time Coverdale was the lead singer.

Touring with them is the band The Dead Daisies with its own star-studded lineup of John Corabi, Richard Fortus, Marco Mendoza, Dizzy Reed, David Lowy, and Brian Tichy. This was what most would refer to as a “super group” as it included former members of some of the biggest acts in rock; Motley Crue, Whitesnake, and Guns N Roses to name a few. The crowd loved the rock coming from this charismatic band who also have a new release called Revolucion. The Dead Daisies were the first Western band to make a historic trip to Cuba once the embargo was lifted just a few short months ago, and was documented in Revolution – The Documentary. This documentary was the first to be premiered on Twitter and can be viewed there or on the band’s website.

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