Neurosis conquered the Expo Five Main Stage along with Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and The Body.

The Oakland based band Neurosis took to the stage at Expo Five in Louisville to an almost full room of metal fans who were ready to receive all that was coming their way. Opening their almost two-hour set with “A Sun That Never Sets” followed by “Locust Star,” Neurosis had taken total control of the room.  On a stage saturated with dark blue stage lights, Neurosis continued their dominating version of Sludge Metal performing songs like “Distill,” “My Heart for Deliverance,” and “The Tide.”

With two extra sets of drums brought on stage (for Scott and Steve to play), Neurosis powered through their final song of the night “Through Silver in Blood” that rattled the core of everyone in attendance. It was a perfect ending for the evening.

Many in attendance before the show were discussing how Neurosis’ music had “changed their lives” and how it “touched their inner souls,” which made perfect sense after their performance. Neurosis is comprised of members Scott Kelly (vocals and guitar), Dave Edwardson (bass and vocals), Jason Roeder (drums), Steve Von Till (vocals and guitar) and Noah Landis (synth, keyboards, and sampler).

Seattle based Brothers of the Sonic Cloth performed a 30-minute set of Doom Metal featuring songs off of their latest self-titled album, including “Lava,” “La Mano Pederosa,” and “Unnamed.” BOTSC finished off their set with a new song, “Magnetar,” that many in the crowd were clearly into.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth includes Tad Doyle (guitar and vocals), Peggy Doyle (bass), Dave French also known as the Annunaki (drums), and Pamela Sternim (guitar).

The Body, from Providence, Rhode Island started the evening off strong with a 30-minute set of sludge metal. The Body features Chip King on guitars and vocals and Lee Buford on drums and programming.

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