Hardcore metallers, Volumes and Fire from the Gods overtake Trixie’s in Louisville with dominant performances.

Touring ahead of the June 9th release of their third album, Different Animals, Los Angeles-based metalcore group Volumes make a much-anticipated stop in Louisville. Featuring dynamic dual vocalists Gus Farias and former Bury Your Dead frontman Myke Terry, Volumes roll thru a bruising set. It does not take long for the moshing to begin in earnest and the crowd lets loose.  Feeding off the animated fans thrashing about and keeping in the spirit of that energy, Volumes seems to get stronger as the evening progresses, playing an endless assault of music, including their new single “Dead Or Alive”. 

Providing the main support tonight is rapcore/nu-metal group Fire From The Gods. Touring in support of their upcoming full-length album, Narrative Retold, due to be released on May 19th via Rise Records, Fire From The Gods blasted on stage with fury and purpose. 

Fire from the Gods rolls through an in-your-face and animated set which includes their new single “The Voiceless” and the contagious “No Excuses” from 2016’s release of Narrative. Lead singer AJ Channer is a commanding presence on stage, while guitarist Jameson Teat and bassist Bonner Baker were pouring out energy all night.

Promoter Terry Harper Productions does a great job booking local metal groups as support at his shows and tonight is no exception. Louisville hardcore metallers, Verses perform third. Their high energy lead singer Trey Landrum along with demonstrative guitarist Derrick Phillips provide a compelling set of original music.  Salem, Indiana based progressive band The Imagest start off the evening in a good way.

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Trixie’s Entertainment Center

Event Date: 04-MAY-2017