Sponsored by Revolver Electronic Cigarettes, The Megaton Music Festival brought together 30+ acts all playing on three separate stages.

Everything starting out brand new has its ups and downs. The Megaton Music Festival was no exception. While the timing of the show, a week after a 70 band festival at the same venue, might not have been the best start; it did have promise. The event took place at Headliners in Toledo, OH on June 21st, 2014. There were three stages set up at the venue for almost continuous performances. First and second stages located indoors with a third stage outdoors. There were DJ’s spinning in-between sets.

Main Stage Acts

Mushroomhead, UnSaid Fate, Deveraux, Infamous, Dreamkiller, Angola Road, Driven Livid, Critical Bill, Blanco Diablo, Red Calling, The Great Socio.

The main stage really did save face for the fledgling music festival pimped out to some bands, being courted to play, as the Toledo Rockapolooza. Mushroomhead’s sound check pushed back other main stage acts set up times but once things were up and running it all went smooth. Driven Livid certainly made a strong ass impression about rock and roll. The Great Socio opened up the main stage with some great trumpet playing. Dreamkiller was the start of the bands drawing a 100 or so people to watch. By Deveraux, the crowd was ¾ full. Deveraux got the crowd ready nicely for UnSaid Fate. Only Jackie and UnSaid Fate received more fan attention then the closers, and for good reasons. Mushroomhead played a killer set and put as much into it as if they were playing in a large arena.


2nd Stage Indoors

Shadowplay, Grand Circus, Fallacy Era, Matt Dauzat & Heather St. Marie, Who’s This We?, Grave Robber, Confirmed, Anschluss Amor, All The Departed, Come Out Fighting.

While the 2nd stage was set up in a smaller area with less lighting, some of the more intense crowds could be found there awaiting the main stage acts. Confirmed blew a fuse in the building their set making for an interesting set!


3rd Stage Outdoors

The Great Socio (2nd set), Brothers In Theory, Darling Down, As Summer Dies, Ashes of Horus, Vandalay, A Memory Down, Neuro Sonic, Take 147.

The 3rd stage was outside on the patio and even if the band wasn’t as well-known as others, the flow of the crowd in that area was always quite large and willing to take a listen especially while eating or checking out a sponsor or two of the concert. Some of the more energetic lead singers could be found here, one climbing on top of the roof of the stage to finish his set.One of the highlights was watching the lead singer of As Summer Dies as he was on the roof of the stage. The Great Socio closed out the 3rd stage as the last act even though they opened up the main stage as the first act there.


A Memory Down

Angola Road

Ashes Of Horus

As Summer Dies

Blanco Diablo

Critical Bill

Darling Down



Driven Livid

Great Socio



Neuro Sonic

Red Calling

Take 147

UnSaid Fate