This concert is the first UK headline gig for the American four-piece from Nashville.

06-Jun-2016: Although it’s early on a Monday evening in North London, the Boston Music Room is buzzing with excitement. This show is one of only two shows the band is performing between their supporting slot with AC/DC on the Rock or Bust tour.

Curran opens with an acoustic set. The duo of Mark Curran and Jam Moncurit play a melodic, chorus-based rock with plenty of audience interaction as they work hard to get us all in the mood for the main act.

Primary support comes from Broken Witt Rebels. The Birmingham band brings a high energy performance with a great set of blues rock. The half hour set is a combination of early songs with tracks from their newest EP, Georgia Pine, and includes their next single, “Guns.”

The tight rhythm section of Luke Davis on bass and James Dudley on drums coupled with the guitar riffs and great solos provided by James Tranter delivers a big sound. When you add in the powerful and gravelly vocals of lead singer Danny Core, it’s easy to see why they are being named as a band to watch by many, including Planet Rock Radio.

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown play a stunning set of bluegrass-fuelled rock. It’s a captivating mix of their Wild Child album, the Wayside EP, and unreleased new material. The blues run through the set, but other influences creep into the songs with country undertones, and a dirty grunge on the newer tracks, “Loaded Dice” and “Aftershock.” The variations fit seamlessly into one another keeping everyone enthralled.

Noel Deeney lays down a steady, controlled bass line throughout, whilst Graham Whitford is more than just rhythm guitar, demonstrating his skillful slide technique and taking a share of the solos. Caleb Crosby, with his infectious enthusiasm, is a ferocious drummer flailing away on his skins and cymbals.

Tyler oozes charisma with a confident stage presence, interacting with the audience as he sings and smiling and talking between songs. His guitar playing is outstanding; blues riffs, licks, and solos flow from his Stratocaster with ease. He owns the stage, strutting about with vivid moves and poses, all whilst maintaining a perfect vocal filled with a soulful, southern drawl.

The music is great, the entertainment even better. Halfway through their set, Caleb grabs his bass drum and almost dives into the crowd with Tyler following close behind wielding his fender. An epic solo ensues with the pounding of the drum right next to the excited few. If you wanted an exciting show, you came to the right venue tonight.

Having played for over an hour, they look like they’ve finished as they close with “Wash Me Holy.” It’s a stellar ending of thrashing guitars and crashing cymbals. But an encore is demanded, and shouts of “one more song” bring the band back out.

Tyler and company play another three songs, ending with “Poor Boys Dream.” Once again, Tyler leaves the stage to join the fans on the floor, this time with his steel acoustic unplugged. The crowd provide the beat and join him on every word.

A rock star in waiting? Maybe. But he’s still grounded and modest enough to thank his audience for coming to see the band. After this night’s performance, we should be thanking him.

The lucky few just witnessed a band with a big future ahead and probably the last time in a venue this size.

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