Emmure gets every fan at the Masquerade bouncing and screaming with an amazing performance.

Emmure has always been a band about pure energy. It’s quite evident with all the albums that the band have under their belt. Their live show is no different; Emmure turned the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia into their proving ground and brought the energy into a packed house. The opening bands Counterparts, King 810, and Varials did an amazing job and set the stage and got the fans ready for an amazing show. Emmure did, in fact, deliver this.

Emmure started off with the intro from their latest album Look At Yourself, titled “You Asked For It” which was made for an amazing intro and sent the anticipation over the top. When the song ends, Frankie asks the fans “Are you ready?” Yes, they were ready. From start to finish each of the band members delivered a true metal show playing music that spanned across their entire archive of music while making the audience work and bounce in unison while screaming every lyric. The stage presence was insane and the fans ate all of it up.

The setlist was very well put together playing songs from the band’s latest album, all the way to even touching on Emmure’s debut record Goodbye to the Gallows. Putting a setlist together with so much music is not an easy task to achieve and Emmure didn’t let a single soul down at the Masquerade with the songs that they put together for this stop of The Natural Born Killers Tour.

 In conclusion, this was the place to be on May 6th in Atlanta. The stage presence was memorizing, the setlist was very well put together, and the crowd was completely electric, singing all the songs and making the band feel right at home. The Masquerade was a full house that night. Frankie Palmeri even stayed after Emmure’s set to meet and greet all the fans that were in attendance to make things even better.

If Emmure comes to your town, go see them live, you will not come out the same way that you went in to the venue. It’s an electrifying experience that one would not want to miss.

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Event Date: 06-MAY-2018

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