John 5 and the Creatures packed out Reggies Rock Club for an Easter Sunday guitar extravaganza.

Guitar virtuoso, John 5, returned to Reggies Rock Club, this time enticing a bigger crowd than his last visit here. Word has clearly got around about the spectacle that he puts on time after time.

Whilst John 5 is associated with performing alongside the likes of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, tonight’s show proves he has more than enough pull of his own. Clearly enjoying himself every bit as much as the crowd, he donned a smile from ear to ear throughout the show.

It may have been a short set, but as he said himself, it’s a lot of notes to remember and pack into one night. When you have a show with an extravagantly skilled guitarist, such as this, it goes to show you don’t always need a vocalist. It was a purely instrumental show, but John 5 certainly knows how to make his numerous guitars sing.

This was the last night of the tour; a tour which saw the band perform an impressive 35 shows over a 44 day period. Playing as fast and as intricately as he does, it is a wonder his fingers are still intact. It’s no wonder he had a smile on his face, thinking of the break ahead of him. Whilst he didn’t make it home for Easter Sunday, what better way to round out the special weekend. 

Starting out the set with the incredibly intricate “Guitars, Tits and Monsters”, John 5 went on to show his guitar prowess. He flitted between genres, being sure to include an unusual chicken picking/banjo session in the middle. He certainly knew how to round out the set in style by banging out the iconic and highly recognizable “Beat It” before finishing off with a medley. This medley included some of the biggest riffs in guitar history, such as Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” and Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, as well a nod to his days with Marilyn Manson with “Beautiful People”.

Listening to recordings of their songs, it is astonishing to think how someone can possibly play that fast and melodically. Add to that performing these songs live, it has to be seen to be believed. “The Black Grass Plague” is one song that you cannot imagine being possible to play in a live scenario. 

Whilst a lot of bands use lights to enhance their show, John 5 certainly has put his own spin on this. Not only do his guitars light up, he even has lasers coming out of them, shining across the crowd.

Whilst the band are off having a well-deserved break, here’s hope it’s not too long before they are back out on the road again. 

John 5 & The Creatures
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Website | Facebook | Twitter

Event Date: 16-APR-2017

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