For the first time in ten years, Tracy Byrd returns to Michigan to perform at the Little River Casino Resort in Manistee.

Located inside the Little River Casino Resort, the Makwa Endaat Bear Den Event Center turns back time Saturday evening as Tracy Byrd makes a tour stop to this Northern Michigan landmark.  Bringing a full band of musicians with him, Tracy converts the event center into a mid-90’s honkey-tonk country club full of beer drinkin’ two-steppers wearing cowboy hats and boots while performing his classic country hits that have made him famous over the past 24 years.  

The show begins with Tracy’s band coming on stage and covering the Restless Heart single “That Rock Won’t Roll” with lead guitarist Zack Gonzalez on vocals.

Tracy then joins the band opening with the title track to his current album All American Texan.  With this pure honky-tonk country music fun song, it sets the pace for the rest of the evening as the crowd sways back and forth in their seat keeping with the beat of the music. 

With Tracy immediately feeling the electricity coming from the crowd he excites them more by asking them if it is too early to go “Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo” while also reminding them that “I’m From The Country.”

Keeping the crowd bouncing in their seats with the up-tempo, Tracy continues on with one of his few pop country hits “Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous.”

Taking a moment to talk to the crowd, Tracy confesses that he is vocally under the weather and apologizes.  “So if ya hear a squeaky now and again, please forgive me.  I try to be perfect every night, but sometimes Mother Nature takes another course.”  He jokingly adds, “I’m gonna stretch it out and hope it sounds great.  Don’t throw tomatoes at me, okay?  Hopefully, ya all ain’t got no tomatoes out there.”

It has been ten years since Tracy has been to Michigan to perform.  He took a few years off from his professional music career at the end of 2009 to spend time at home with his wife and help with their young children.  Tracy returned to the stage and got things rolling again in 2013.  He has been playing mostly around Texas and down around his home in Beaumont for a while.  When Little River Casino Resort called asking him to come and perform, he gladly accepted. 

Thanking the crowd for packing a full house into the event center, Tracy also thanks them for all the hits being performed this evening.  “Just about everything we’ve played is a top five or number one record and that is because of ya all.”  Tracy adds, “Without fans back in 1992 my first album came out and you all found something you liked on it which gave me the opportunity to do this for a living and continue to be able to make a living at it.”  From the first album came his first #1 hit single with “Holdin’ Heaven” in 1994. 

Being able to show off his band and each of them instrumentally, Tracy introduces them individually during the Ricky Skaggs cover “One Way Rider.”

Claiming to perform all the songs in his show for the fans, Tracy admits to being a bit selfish by performing two songs “Lyin’ Eyes” and “Desperado” from The Eagles for himself and hopes the crowd approves.  As a big fan of the rock band, “I am so glad that the Lord let these two boys (Don Henley and Glen Frey) cross paths so that they could write such timeless classics that will never go away.”

Slowing the tempo down, Tracy includes his traditional ballads “I Wanna Feel That Love Again,” “Love Lessons” and “The Keeper Of The Stars” for the couples dancers that have filled the aisle ways. 

For the gentleman in the crowd who has been requesting a song throughout the show, Tracy steps back up the temple and obliges him by giving him his request of “Drinkin’ Bone.”  At the same time, Tracy calls the crowd to the front of the stage to portray the honky-tonk atmosphere of the crowds being right up front with the artist.

Tracy ends his performance with the popular hit “Watermelon Crawl.” Before leaving the stage, Tracy walks to one end of the stage and shakes all the hands in front of him as he travels the length of the stage thanking everyone for their love and support shown to him over his career.

Without selling out to the commercial giants of the music industry and pop country sounds, Tracy Byrd has lasted the test of time with his traditional country hits.  Not having songs being played on the national radio or having management dictate to him, Tracy works harder to run his own business career and image.  His music, his way equals sold out shows just like the one here at Little River Casino Resort.  Although country radio doesn’t show it, traditional country music still lives today and is stronger than ever.

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Tracy Byrd setlist: 

  1. All American Texan     2. Ten Rounds Of Jose Cuervo/I’m From The Country     3. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous     4. Hot Night In The Country     5. I Wanna Feel That Way Again     6. Big Love     7. Love Lessons     8. The First Step     9. Holdin’ Heaven     10. One Way Rider (Band Introductions)     11. Route 66     12. Lyin’ Eyes     13. Desperado     14. Before I Die     15. Just Let Me Be In Love     16. The Keeper Of The Stars     17. Drinkin’ Bone     18. Don’t Take Her She’s All I Got     19. Watermelon Crawl 

Event Date: 21-OCT-2017