Three Days Grace, with help from Halestorm, take over the packed London concert hall and blow the roof off!

Halestorm made a stop in London, Ontario and perform to a sold out crowd at the London Music Hall. The band hit the stage running and put on a performance clinic. As an added treat, Arejay Hale, one of the most energetic and fun-to-watch drummers in the industry, has his kit set up at the front of stage right. This gives fans at the front a view of the drummer that they rarely get. On vocals and guitar, Lzzy Hale puts her strong vocal talents to work, much to the delight of the crowd, as they could be heard singing along during practically every song. Halestorm always put on a high-energy, enjoyable show; be sure to see them in your area when possible.

Currently available is their most recent release, Into The Wild Life.

Three Days Grace, Canada’s own, has had a career spanning almost 20 years. This is evident from the get go, as they take charge right away as only veterans can. Matt Walst is a blur of energy, crisscrossing back and forth across the stage throughout the performance. The sell out crowd sings along throughout as well, as the Norwood natives performed hit after hit.

This reviewer has had a chance to see Three Days Grace perform several times over the years, but strangely enough, never in their own backyard. It is great to see them doing their thing for family and friends on what was easily the best show I’d ever seen them perform.

National Rock Review photographer Mark Skinner was on hand to capture the action.

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Three Days Grace
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